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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by tthomass, Jan 16, 2012.

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    I've been looking at ProLandscape (2nd link) for a while and mostly interested in the CAD. The 3D stuff isn't where I think it should be like it is with Dynscape. Who has worked with these programs and what is your feedback? Anyone used both?

    Dynascape is a good bit of money more but the 3D stuff is really nice. What I don't know is how much time someone is spending at a computer to make it look that nice either. I don't have a lot of time to do those things vs using a basic CAD program and coloring in by hand.
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    Did you consult Jared on this?
    As i recall he posted some pretty realistic 3D conceptual drawings on his thread and followed up with a little insight into the programs and the cost.
  3. Gilmore.Landscaping

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    I have used Dynascape for 3 years now and I love it. I was introduced to it during my schooling for Landscape Designer and it is definitely a good program. I will say it is quite expensive and you do have to pay each year to keep it updated, and if you don't pay then next time (say 3 years later) you want to update they are going to back charge you for the years you missed anyway.

    I don't use the 3D aspect of dynascape because once again its not worth the money to me. With a little effort use can use the Sketch up for free and produce just as good of results. The only real advantage to DS 3D is that when you make changes in DS design you can instantly update the 3D drawing. I don't see this is a big factor because usually 3d are more conceptual anyway and so small details or layout changes after the main design is establish aren't really all that important.

    Dynscape is also very powerful in the Quote and Manage side if you choose to link it for quoting and drawing up contracts.

    The Plan quality is also much better in terms of essential design principals then say ProLandscapes (at least when I last checked). Line weights and types are used widely where as other programs don't have the same library to choose from so plan view drawings don't pop as much.

    For the Professional aspect that Dynscape Provides it is well worth the extra money in my mind.
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  4. iowa

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    I have used both, and currently use Dynascape. There is a lot steeper learning curve with DS over Pro Landscape, but once you get used to it, you will put out much, much higher quality drawings on Dynascape in relatively the same amount of time it would take on Pro Landscape. I've found to be more accurate with take-offs and estimating with Dynascape. The color software is a good addition as well. One of the biggest things that sold me on Dynascape originally was its ability to make smooth, good looking curves. It always used to take me forever to draw nice curves in Pro Landscape, maybe I wasn't doing it right. Another big one was the plant symbols. With Dynascape you select your plant type (shrub, tree, perennial) and the size. Place your plants and you label them after all your plants are placed. With Pro Landscape, it seems like there is a symbol for every plant, as far as I can remember I always had to hunt for the plant in I was looking for. It's been a couple years since I've used Pro Landscape.

    With the new Sketch 3D, you import your drawing right into Sketch-up. If you are proficient enough with Sketch-up, it goes up pretty quick. I will attach a picture of a model I completed a couple of weeks ago. If I remember correctly, I spent about 3-4 hours on the modeling (lots of time messing with lighting settings for the rendering program).

  5. Gilmore.Landscaping

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    I know lighting isn't a stock element of Sketch-up, at least not the version I have. Is that an add on, I haven't found one that works good.
  6. iowa

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    The lighting is actually implemented through your rendering program. In our case, we use Shaderlight.
  7. etwman

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    Buy Dynascape and get Manage 360. It is a very good overhead recovery system and the sooner you implement it and accurately track your fixed expenses the far better off you'll be. The earlier you do this in building your business the more accurately you'll grow. Period end of sentence.
  8. Freeze/Thaw

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    I've been a lurker here for quite some time and I have to say this post from etwman persuaded me to make my very own post. Dynascape rocks! Google "Dynascape for the hardscape" to see how powerful it really is.
  9. PaperCutter

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    Of the two, Dynascape has a better output and seems overall like a more professional program. ProLandscape doesn't impress me, and I'm not going to take any program seriously that doesn't offer a free evaluation version.
  10. CM's

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    I have both, but Pro Landscape hasn't been used by any of the designers since I bought DS. I think DS is a better program all the way around. It does seem to help to have a bit of a CAD background with DS, but some of our guys didn't and still became proficient with it.

    The Sketch plugin works great with Google Sketchup, and having the color package is a plus. We don't turn out many color prints due to the cost of printing, but it's nice to have the ability for emailing plans or when that's what it takes to win a job.

    In my experience with them, DS hands down.

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