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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Varsity L&G, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Varsity L&G

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    Any news yet of the lawn industry switching any mowers over to the new E-85 fuel?

    Here is more info.

    Would be a good selling point to add to a flier. We use E85 it is an alternative fuel as defined by the U.S. Department of Energy. Besides its superior performance characteristics, ethanol burns cleaner than gasoline; it is a completely renewable, domestic, environmentally friendly fuel that enhances the nation's economy and energy independence.
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    How much does this stuff cost? I went to the site and there is none near me. You can't use it in very many vehicles, so you probably won't be able to use it in that many mowers. Or you may be able to use it in a wide variety of mowers.
  3. Varsity L&G

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    I think the range around here is 50+ cents cheaper per gallon, same for the Bio-diesel. The good thing is if the mower is designed for it from what I read it will work great with both fuels.

    There was a woman that I tried several times to let me mow her property back when I was in this before and she would use an electric powered mower on an extension cord. She was very enviro friendly. Did not want gas powered mowers on her property that was always over grown. Her mulch was old newspaper, and grass clippings in her plant beds.

    I have an old rider and a pusher I use around the house. I think we may try some in it and see how it goes. Worth a shot. If it does go we will take it apart and see what failed.
  4. Varsity L&G

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    Exact Pricing......could save a lot in a day of use.
    Plus the accounts and tax breaks you could get for it.

    Spinx Co.
    1519 Whitehorse Road
    Greenville, SC 29605

    E-85 1.99 g
    reg unl 2.41 g

    Additionally, the production of vehicles from the original equipment manufactures that are capable of operating on unleaded gasoline or E85, (ie. Flexible fuel vehicle) at no additional cost over the gasoline only model, provide little incentive for a conversion company to undertake the very expensive and time consuming task of aftermarket certification.

    Honda already does this for there engines.
  5. Varsity L&G

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  6. Jman

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    E-85 is NOT recommended for any air cooled engine I know of. All manufacturers allow up to 10% alcohol, not 85% Like the E-85 has. Warranty would be void if the carb was not jetted properly, or the alcohol caused any other type of failure.
  7. Richard Martin

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    In addition to what Jman said the number of vehicles that can use this fuel is extremely limited. Until the auto manufacturers get with the Flex-Fuel program I see no future in E-fuel. Then once the demand goes up so will the price.

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