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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Az Gardener, Dec 1, 2006.

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    I get daily messages from my E-Myth coach. Sometimes they are inspirational, sometimes educational, sometimes they do nothing for me but I am glad he still sends them to me. Since I have figured out the copy paste feature I will be forwarding them If I get the time hope everyone enjoys them. I will include contact info on the first one but not on any others as I don't intend this to be free advertising. Hope this is not a problem Sean.

    Good Morning:

    "Men and women want to do a good job. If they are provided the proper environment, they will do so."

    Bill Hewlett

    Make it a great weekend.

    To Great Business & Great Life,

    Eden Sunshine "The Systems Guy"
    E Quest Development Company
    Making Your Business and Life Work for You!
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    I will add afew more I have saved.

    Good Morning:

    Do you realize that a system is simply a method to ensure that patterns of events that take place happen on a consistent and predictable manner?

    Some patterns are easy to identify. Other are more obscure, but, nonetheless, there exists a pattern,

    Sometimes simply recognizing successful patterns and orchestrating them so they happen more consistently will result in dramatic improvements to the business without re inventing what you do.

    I've had clients report significant increases in business productivity, as measured by the amount of profit and revenue produced per employee. In some cases they experience and increase of over 50% just by documenting what they already do. The difference? More consistency.

    Investing in the development of your systems will make your business money while increasing your profits too!
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    Good Morning:

    The other day when I was talking with my son about taking him to the skateboard park this weekend. I told him we would go on Sunday afternoon when I got back from a business trip.

    He followed up by asking me if "I promise" to take him. Nothing like putting the pressure on. All of a sudden I got real serious about what I was agreeing to do.

    It's funny how when someone asks you to keep a promise, it get's our attention.

    Imagine being invited over to a friends home for dinner on Saturday night. If your friend asked if you would be there you would probably either say, "No, I'm sorry, that's not a good night for me", or you might say, "Sure that would be great. I'll be there."

    But what if they said, "Do you promise to be there?" Even though you may have fully intended to go, all of a sudden the ante goes up in terms of your character and credibility. Nobody with any concern for their character and reputation wants to be known as a promise breaker.

    When it comes to accountability in your business (and life) agreeing to do something is like agreeing to a promise. The problem is this, people generally don't think of it that way until you make a point of it.

    So when delegating assignments and gaining agreement from your people, try asking them if they promise to get the assignment or project done as agreed. Then you will find out exactly how committed they are to following through.
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    Good Morning:

    Occassionally clients ask me profit sharing for their employees is a good idea.

    I believe it can be an effective motivator for your team provided they believe that the work they do can have an impact on the bottom line and that they believe that what they do will make a difference.

    The intention in creating a profit sharing plan is to encourage people to be mindful and focused on building your business profitability.

    Regardless of whether you are going to share profit or not, most of the clients I work with have established that increasing the profit of the business is a goal that ultimately everyone in the business is accountable for regardless of the position they hold.

    Our job as managers/owners is to help our people understand what they can do individually to increase profits. Are we to be aware of expenses for office supplies, inventory, productivity on the job. Perhaps we are to impact profit by being more effective in terms of pricing a job or producing estimates. Effective business owners constantly provide examples of how people can contribute to the profit of the business.

    Bottom line, if you want your people to help in maximizing the profit of your organization they must know how they can make a difference.

    Great Business & Great Life,
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    Good Morning:

    "A good manager is a man who isn't worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him. My advice: Don't worry about yourself. Take care of those who work for you and you'll float to greatness on their achievements."

    HSM Burns

    Indeed a manager is accountable for the results and performance of the people who report to them. If your people are not producing the results you have set for them it ultimately comes from poor management.

    In a systems driven business, the manager creates the system that will ensure quality results.

    Here are some potential reasons why your people may not be producing the results you want:

    You don't have a well documented system that works in place.
    You have hired people that don't have the skill set necessary to operate the system properly.
    Your people haven't been trained properly.
    They haven't agreed to follow the system and so there is no accountability.
    You haven't identified the results you want accomplished.

    Make it a great day.

    Thats all for this week
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    great thread AZ_ I look forward to more quotes.
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    More people should pay attention to this. Nice its short sweet and to the point.
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    Great stuff!!

    Thanks! :)
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    Keep 'em coming. Tks!
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    Here are a couple from the archives.

    Good Morning:

    Continuing from yesterday's message regarding changing the culture of a business; here are some steps to make it happen.

    #1 - Come face to face with the truth about what your current culture really is. You can't fight a problem if you can't identify it. Example: let's say you've identified that people in your business have a general lack of respect for each other and your customers.

    #2 - Look for sources that are perpetuating that culture. Know that a company culture is often a reflection of the leadership and key management, you might have to take a closer look at you own behaviors, attitudes and beliefs.

    #3 - Redefine or restate the new value or belief you would like to install. Let's say you want to create an environment of team work. Get really clear on what team work really means. You might define it as: Our entire staff demonstrates a greater committment and focus to achieving the goals of the team and company then their own goals and results.

    #4 - Determine your methods and forums for communicating and training the new value. Develop a process that will actively and ritualistically build and support the value and belief. Expect the change to occur over a several year process.

    #5 - Create a system for measuring individual performance and adherence to the new value and culture. Be prepared to hold people accountable and mentor them to understand how to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the new culture.

    #6 - Actively screen and recruit candidates that will more likely fit the culture and expect that some of your current people will have a hard time adapting in your business will eventually leave.

    With a real committment, focus and consistent effort, you can and will see dramatic differences to the way your business operates due to your investment in building a quality culture.

    Make it a great day.

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