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    Bob, I haven't tried theirs, but I built a system 2 years ago and theirs is almost like mine. You can see pictures and an article on my website. I have heavy duty gate weighing around 100 pounds. and I can lift it with one finger. :)<p>----------<br>Eric@ELM<br>http://pages.prodigy.net/eric.erickson/index.html
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    Bob, <br>I have seen them advertised for $89.00 in the magazines and $129.00 on a web site. I looked at the photos Eric had on his web page and built my own. <br>Parts- Garage door spring<br>two 5/16 eye bolts<br>two lock loops to connect the spring to the eye bolts<br>some steel cable<br>and two pulleys- garage door parts<br>I made it without welding. <br>Cost $45 and a couple hours to figure it out.<br>Hint mount the two pulley as far back as you can on your rails. Run the cable under the first and over the second.<br>Hope this helps.
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    Not only did I buy an EZ-Gate, I also sell them. This is one of the better investments that I have made. The prices very but it is well worth the price. You can put the gate down with one hand and pick it up with two fingers. It might cost about $50.00 to make yourself in parts but when you add labor and all the running around it cost about the same.<br>EZ-GATE comes with a 1 year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee.<br>If you want to see a picture (its a little fuzzy but you get the idea) go to the directory under lawn care/commercial/Belts, Blades and More!<p>----------<br>http://mowerparts.hypermart.net<p>
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    I made one somewhat similar to the ez gate. I bought all the parts at Home Depot for $30, including the garage door spring. Some eye bolts, a piece of 2&quot; PVC, come cable, and a couple of small pullyes. <p>I made a bracket to hold the pulleys. I welded two pieses of stee; to a flat piece that bolts to the trailer. you could do it with out welding, as long as you can get a little creative with the pulley setup. <p>Took about 2 hours to design and build. Works pretty good, but I may make a few adjustments to the tension, after I start using it more often.
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    We have no springs on our gates. In fact, we put additional weight on our gates so the guys do a little little &quot;weight training&quot; and don't need to go to gym everday.<p>I'm into the innovative products, but the EZ-Gate....?

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