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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jglawnmowing, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. jglawnmowing

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    I was watching TV after dinner yesterday and saw a commerical for the E3 sparkplug. They said it is suppose to last longer than a regular plug and is better for the engine. Just wondering if anybody has used them in their lawn equipment? If you so what are pros and cons
  2. Happy Frog

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    I use them in all my equipment.
    They reduced the "warming" time of my Echo equipment to a few seconds before I can go full throttle and make my Kawi engine restart without choke most of the time.
  3. Jason Rose

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    I've used them before, honestly don't notice that much difference over a standard plug. I've asked several mechanics, 2 dealers and one friend, and ALL said they, and all the other split-fire, yada yada yada type plugs are junk. Nothing but a sales gimic. And considering that the E3 plugs cost 4 to 5 times more than a standard Bosch plug, maybe there's some truth to that...
  4. GravelyNut

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    A test was run on Horsepower a couple months back. The E3 plugs did improve fuel economy and increased HP at the same time. Whether it is worth the cost of the plugs, I can't say. Just indexing your normal plugs could do the same thing.
  5. topsites

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    I use double platinums, that's the only thing I know resists
    erosion longer than the standard filaments.

    Because what wears is the electrode things, whatever that little piece
    that sticks over the plug is called where the fire goes between, those
    two points wear over time.

    Platinum wears too, they all do, just platinum doesn't wear as fast.
  6. Happy Frog

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    Tests performed by independent labs under EPA protocol 40 CFR 90 of these plugs over other brands showed up to 12% increase in power, 13% decrease in fuel burn and 58% decrease in toxic emissions in long term use.

    An E3 spark plug costs less than $5.00 at Wal-Mart or Home Cheapo and have a lifetime guarantee (if it wears out, gets fouled, or is defective, the replacement is free).

    I did noticed a difference right away when I swapped the original plugs (almost new NGK plugs) with the E3 and all I can say is that I am quite happy with the fuel burn of my handheld equipment (the big Echo blower sucks some gas though).

    E3 claims their technology (DiamondFIRE) is better than the fine wire technology used in the platinum plugs (for what it is worth)

  7. Jason Rose

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    Well this IS interesting to know. Like I said I'm basing my opinion on what a couple small engine mechanics told me. Of course I'm not saying I TRUST their opinions either. One is a total jerk, and if I recall he thought it was quite humorous that I had "wasted my money" on those junk plugs, he actually pulled them out and replaced them with champions :dizzy: Ignorant and arrogant, 2 words to describe the guy. This is the same guy that was replacing those plugs because of a running issue with a 25hp Kohler, he also insisted it needed a valve job to make it run right and refused to believe it was the carbureator. Turns out that somehow the fuel filter, and another NEW fuel filter had allowed a LOT of dirt into the carb. Different mech. actually had to take it apart 3 times to get it all cleaned out. Ran perfect then, and he still couldn't figure out where the other guy thought it needed a valve job.

    The E-3 plugs must have came down in price some. Last couple I bought 2 or 3 years ago they were about $8.00 each.
  8. Happy Frog

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    Well, I bought one E3 plug to try it out on one of my Echo PAS-265.
    It reduced the warmup time to a few seconds so I went ahead and put them in in every small engine I had.
    So far, so good. One was defective (no firing good when hot) and had it replaced under warranty.
  9. hdtvluvr

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    Did you mail it back to the manufacturer or take it back to place of purchase?
  10. Happy Frog

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    Back to Wally world...

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