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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bunton Guy, Nov 8, 2005.

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    I have been running alternative fuels in all the trucks (B100 biodiesel) and have been running E85 ethanol fuel in the mowers. Do you think this fuel has a future for our equipment and should this fuel be ok for the 2-stroke hand helds??

    Its a corn based bio-fuel....and the RON octane rating is 105. The mowers have been running like usual on this fuel. Didn't know if I had to worry about any sideaffects from this fuel in the near future. I know not all cars can run on it for one reason or another. Brother in law called ford and they said he can't run it in his V-10 because it will clog the injectors, they mentioned that he could run it in the triton V-8 not the V-10...go figure!

    Just checking to see who else runs the E-85?
    Have been getting it for around $2.10 per gallon
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    Do NOT run E-85 in any air cooled engine. First you void any engine warranty. The owners manuals tell you that 10% alcohol is the max amount allowed in the engine. E-85 is 85% alcohol. I don't see how your equipment is running. Any plasitic part in the carburetors will melt down. They are not alcohol compatable at that level. The fuel lines are not designed for it, neither are most of the fittings and possible fuel tanks. The automotive side has sensors in the fuel system to change fuel mixture and ignition timing to produce the power from the blended fuels. The go cart racing industry uses 100% alcohol, to produce power and run the engine cooler, however the jets in the carbs are twice as big as normal. After every race day the engines are oil misted to prevent corrosion from the alcohol. It slowly eats away at all aluminum parts it has come in contact with. It's great stuff for vehicles designed to run it, very very damaging to those that are not.
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    I have a Yukon that can run E85 but I never tried it. Dollar for dollar I think I'll stick with 87 octane gas. Reading the owners manual gives me a little insight about E85. Less BTU's per gallon therefore you use more product to get where you want to go. E85 is also cooler running because of that which can make it bad if it is cold outside. Being I'm in Wisconsin I gotta say it does get cold.
    I'll never put it in a 2 cycle or mower for that matter.
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    Have been getting it for around $2.10 per gallon[/QUOTE]

    I've been interested in Biofuel but don;t know much about it. I thought it was mainly used because it was cheaper but if ur getting it for around 2.10 gas prices around here are about 2.03 and getting lower.
  5. Bunton Guy

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    E85 is ETHANOL not alcohol ....ethanol is made from corn based stocks. Check it out on the internet they are 2 different fuels!
  6. VegetiveSteam

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    Jim Beam is made from grain. Is it not alcohol? Ethanol is INDEED alcohol.
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  8. mowerman90

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    If you put this stuff in a 2 stroke it will eventually seize the motor! Why, you ask? Because 2 stroke oil and alcohol DO NOT MIX!!!!! This is why you should run nothing but premium gasoline in all 2 strokes. Why premium? Because most states do not require a notification label on the pump if a blend of up to 10% alcohol is used in the gas. That means that you may be using up to 10% alcohol and not even know it. In some cases brand new equipment has seized because of only 10% alcohol in the fuel mixture. And the worst part is the fact that your warranty does not cover it. Read the fine print and you'll see.
  9. lqmustang

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    Just curious, how does purchasing premium avoid the ethanol mixed in the fuel?
  10. Albemarle Lawn

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    If you could get an 80 octane or less that would work in 2-cycle well.

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