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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by tacoma200, Apr 30, 2006.

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    I would like a good pair of ear muffs that block the mamimum amount of noise. I don't need a radio, I can always use my ear buds under them. I am looking for comfort and a rating of NRR 29-30. Price is important and since I live in a rural area I need a place to order them from. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  3. T. Wheeler

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    Norther Tools has Peltors Work Tunes and Races Tunes. Work Tunes are $69.99 I think and, Race Tunes are $49.99. Work Tunes has an audio input for like a Ipod Dell DJ mp3 players etc. Overall they work pretty good.
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    I use the STIHL hearing protectors. $15.00 + tax. 25db NR...I love them but i want a radio since I don't have a MP3 player...
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    Thanks for all the info.
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    I also use the Stihl muffs. I know they work better than Elvex ones I had previously, and better than another set (brand unknown) given to me by a custsomer who sells safety products ("thanks, but your products are junk!").

    I have tried using earbuds from my MP3 player under the muffs, but it does not work very well. Two things: (1) The "legs" on the earbud don't fit under the muffs very well, causing them to hurt my ear, (2) The audio is too much drowned out through noise coming through the muffs. I can make out if the audio is music, or talk, but can't hear enough of either to follow.

    I think the best way for me is to use RaceTunes, plug an audio line into the muff from the MP3, thus piping the audio into the chamber inside the muff, rather than through an earbud in my ear. However, I've not gotten excited about it -- the hassle of worrying about the player, the lines, what file is being played, etc -- more than I want to defocus my work. My long jobs are 1-2 hours, but I am thinking the hassle isn't worth the fuss. It is just one more 'non-productive' thing to worry about.
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    I got a pair of WorkTunes at Home Depot for 49.95...changed my life.

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