Ear pluggs or I- pod?

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    Greetings from Grand Lake Oklahoma! I along with the " lion's share" of L.C.O's have used various types of ear protection. From foam pluggs to bulky plastic cased head band types. They all serve their purpose and do their job. However, I purchased a 60 gig I-pod last year and also went a step further and upgraded the "stock" ear phones to some after market SHURE EC2 headphones. The I- pod can hold more music than I probably will ever have! The shure sound cancelling head phones are Amazing! I realize that there is a safety issue with any kind of sense deadening equipment, As attentiveness to ones surroundings is fudamentally key. There just seems to be a profound positive effect on productivity,and attitude associated with the use of this equipment! I wear these things even when I'm digging or pick axe-ing whilerepairing irrigation systems! Hard Work, simply just doesn't seem as hard when I'm wearing them! As with anything, moderation is the key, just be carefull and focused on the job and surroundings while listening to your favorite tunes! They simply add a spring to my step and a smile to my face! ............Just remember , embarassment quickly ensues as your valued client catches you in a spirited "Air Guitar Solo",while managing their estate! Good Times!!!!!!
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    I was thinking about getting a iPOD to use while I am cutting. It does make everything go easier throughout the day when your listening to music!:)
  3. mcwlandscaping

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    I put my ipod earbuds under my muffs, makes the day so much better!! Great working and listening to music!!
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    I recently purchased a Sandisk Sansa 512mb mp3 player and I'm currently using the earbuds under my muffs. I got them because I just plain got sick and tired of interferance through the analog fm receiver in my old Peltors. The mp3 player holds over 200 of my favorite songs and has a digital fm receiver so I can listen to the morning talk shows that I like. I've ordered a set of Elvex Com-211 muffs that reduce outside noise by 25db yet when connected to a radio or mp3 player limit the volume to the goverment reccomended 85db. They have a coiled wire and plug to plug into any radio or mp3 player. I'm hoping the speakers are a little better than my old Peltors, they can't be any worse. They're due to arrive on Monday and I'll give a report on Tues afternoon on how they sound and work.
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    I have a Sandisk MP3 I haven't tried yet. I worry the wires would get yanked out when working. Even if I have ear protection on with the MP3 headphones underneath though, music blasting in my ear to me probably wouldn't be too good for my hearing. Ill wear them anyways. When I'm an old man I'd probably would want to be deaf anyways so I don't hear my wife moaning. Maybe hearing aid technology will be a lot better then too?
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    Wear the wires under your shirt, i learned very fast and the hard way to do that. It hurts like he** when they get ripped outta your ears. Hasn't happened since ive run the wires under my shirt.
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    I recently got a 5G 30gb iPod, and plan on using it when I do maintenance/installs as well. Sure will make the day go by faster! Just get a case for it, so it doesn't get totally trashed.
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    Most of my friends have ipods, but all I can afford is the Wally World Special 6 dollar cd player. :laugh: :laugh: . I sometimes use it when mowing but it skips so bad even the littlest bump will mess it up. I might have to look into getting one of those high-tech ipod things :laugh:
  9. DodgeTruckMan731

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    you can get a prutty cheap mp3 player that holds a decent amount of songs from about $50- 100 bucks.
  10. steviepowers

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    Please spend the money for noise cancelling headphones. High decibels from machine = higher decibels from ipod = really high decibels = no hearing when your 40. They are big and comfy, look like studio headphones...
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