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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheLawnRangerLLC, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Recently I have been looking for headphones that I can wear that will help cut out some of the noise of mowers, blowers, trimmers etc. As many of you know most of the earbud systems do not block out the ambient noises therefore you have to turn the volume up pretty high. It only adds to the noise of the equipment and just makes it all worse. I don't like the big earmuffs...even the kind with the radio's built in. I have tried using my in ear monitors that I use when I play guitar and sing at shows but these too fall short. Other than having to turn the volume way up all the headphone systems seem to fall out at some point due to the constant movement or the massive amount of sweat.

    To make a long story short, I have found a company called earfuze (ear Fuzz). I learned about these by searching for custom molded in ear monitors. Most of the reviews online come from motorcycle riders. They said that these do a great job of canceling out the wind noise and the roar of the motorcycle pretty well. I have just ordered a pair today (3.20.11) so I am guessing that they will be here mid week to the end of the week.

    I spent all day on saturday with a blower strapped to my back and head phones blasting in my ears... Saturday evening my ears were sore from the bulk of the iPhone headphones and the volume of the blower and music became overwhelming. I will keep you all posted and let you know what I think.
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    I listen to my IPOD all day. I fixed the earphones with a set of earplugs. I put a hole in the earplugs and put over the earphones. They keep out the ambient noise and the volume does not have to be full blast.
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    I bought a set of Etymotic hf5's. Quite pricey but they block out a lot of noise.
  4. LawnGuy35

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    I go old school and tear a cotton ball in two...put half in one ear, half in the other. Works great. And sometimes I listen to my Ipod.
  5. Mountain Peak

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  6. ashgrove landscaping

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    Um. Peltor work tunes. How can anyone not know about these? Been using them for years. $60
  7. fga

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    same here. i can't work without my peltors now. other guys would laugh at me, say i looked funny, now i see them on everyone, lol. They even sell them at home depot now, so i dont have to order them online anymore.

    I have the digital ones now that make for quick pre-sets, but i miss turning the dial really quick to find a station.

    only 2 complaints with them...one, you look like an idiot when the dj on the radio is saying something funny and you cant help but laugh. I must look like a lunatic, laughing as a push a mower pass your patio doors, lol.

    second, the antenna catches a low branch sometimes and sends your head back, and once again, you look like an idiot.:)

    love them though
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    I use those foam inserts. Have 33db noise reduction haven't seen anything higher. I flaten it out and put in the wider flat side first. Sometimes just leave them in all day just pull out one for diving. Used to have those over ear kind but there was more low freq noise with them.. See there's a Lithium Ion mp3 player set at Home Depot with noise cancellation. Might try these some day. Defininitely a writeoff.
  9. ThunderChicken07

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    do you have a link? I have been searching for something like this. I have the peltor headphones but i want something smaller and lighter
  10. Exact Rototilling

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    I wear Shure In Ear Monitors SE425, one click down from the most expensive, and Peltor external muffs over the top of those. The Shure IEM do block out a significant amount of noise -25db or greater but they are not enough in themselves frankly. You will go deaf with just those without an additional layer Peltor H10A. Before using the Shure IEM I wore plugs plus the external muffs. I really don't get the excuse I don’t want "those things" clamped on my head. Ok well I guess it is a loud blasting TV when you are old, family and friends telling you need a hearing aid etc. This year I'm probably going to go with custom fit molds for the Shure SE425 since my ear canals get fairly sore after about 6 hours.
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