Ear protection/listening to music

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheLawnRangerLLC, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Thunder chicken - the link is www.earfuze.com

    Exact - I too have used my IEM's from Ultimate Ears, but they don't stay in place while working like they do when on stage or practicing... also, these are $50 vs over $200 like my UE IEM's are.
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    I use the Old QC2 Bose, we got the new QC15, I took the old QC2's we had (we both fly alot). Love them for flying, and they work very well, but they are expensive and not very tough. I have had to repair little stuff alot. They are not built for this kind of use. I expect them to be unusable before long this spring ;-)

    What do you guys think are the best electric noise cancelling with a tuner built in???
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    I had these custom ones made for when I was taking long trips on the motorcycle, reducing noise and being able to listen to music/intercom with passenger. I have found they work well quieting down the mowers and trimmers.
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    Lawn Ranger,

    The fit kits on the Shure IEM might be a bit more forgiving and you might get a better fit out of them....? Under any circumstances I CAN NOT recommend anything other than the replaceable cable models since the cables go bad near the mini plug. There are quite of few of very unhappy people out there who bought the older Shure 500 series monitor at well over $400 just to have the cable break. In this business the cables get trashed quicker.
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    I am with you. Peltor are great. However, I have found the cheaper analog model works better than the digital if you are not in a major city near the broadcast station. Just a thought. I have tried both.
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    I use my iphone earbuds under some standard Husqvarna ear muffs.

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