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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheLawnRangerLLC, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. mhaley927

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    I've done it two ways:

    1. Bose over-ear noise cancelling headphones with in-ear ear plugs inside. (Seems like the ear plugs defeat the purpose of the headphones but it really works well!)

    2. Earbuds with professional over-ear ear protection.

    Both work well but option one is lighter and more comfortable.
  2. lawnangel1

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    Please let us know how they work with equipment. I might try a pair if you have good results.
  3. flatlander42

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    Yeah, Same here!!!!

    Are the "drivers" small enough to get in your ear nice and deep? Most in ear plugs I've tried are to big for my ears.
  4. TheLawnRangerLLC

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    Hey everyone, I had a chance to put the ear fuze to work today. They are pretty nice. I wouldn't say they were the best headphones I have ever used, however, they awesome when it comes to blocking out noise and allowing you to hear the music. I had a Br 600 strapped to my back and never had a problem with hearing the music nice and clear. The little earbuds have a good sound and seem to handle all types of music. I have listened to rock, rap, a cappella, full concert band, etc. and they seem to be pretty good. I would not say they are ready for studio recording use, but for listening to music they work great. With the blower running wide open I was able to have my music at a comfortable level. Another great thing about these headphones... THEY DONT SLIP OUT BECAUSE OF SWEAT! I sweat like a wild animal when I am working and these didn't budge. These stayed right in place, and they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. I probably had them in for about 5 hours today and my ears are not sore nor are they tired from listening to very loud music all day. I would recommend these. I got a custom color (orange) and they cost $50 shipped. If you get the flesh tone color they will be $48 shipped... so spend the extra two dollars and get some flashy ones.

    As far as the molding of the earpiece goes, it was easy. You can look online for videos of how to mold them. I used the whole amount of material for each ear to maximize the sound blockage, but you do not have to if you do not wish. Bottom line is, I would say these are worth giving them a try.
  5. RayoVac

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    How did you feel overall from a Protection Standpoint??? Did you try with NO music on, could you guestimate the db drop with them? Do you think maybe -25 db or less/more?
  6. Dogbonz

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  7. wglyons

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    I use the Bose noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones. They're expensive, but they block a lot of the engine noise, and I don't have to have the music on the iPhone turned all the way up. And they're very comfortable...
  8. ThunderChicken07

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    Thanks! I will check those out
  9. TheLawnRangerLLC

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    Rayo vac, I was very impressed with the db level blockage. I am not 100% sure of the actual db that is blocked but I know that with the music off, it blocked sound better than any foam plugs that I have used. If you are just looking for molded earplugs w/out the headphones in it, you can find, online at walmart, a company called radians. If I remember right they are like $15. But I know for sure that the ear fuze work well for blocking sound and allowing the music to come through nice and clear.
  10. RayoVac

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    Ahhh good to hear. I pretty much wear foam now or I have some yellow rubbery ones that block a bit better. So if they seem to block close to at least what the foam does.. that a plus. I want to listen to music, but the goal would be to not have to turn it up so loud that it defeats the whole "Trying to Save My Hearing" agenda. :)

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