Ear protection/listening to music

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheLawnRangerLLC, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Lawn Enforcer

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    Any reviews on the Husqavarna radio headsets?
  2. BrunoT

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    Listening to Howard Stern sometimes I will bend over howling in laughter. I'm sure I look demented as I am by myself. Sometimes that stuff is just funny.
  3. bolc5150

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    I have tried a bunch of earbuds, plugs, iphone buds, and ipod buds. Oh and don't forget the Peltor type tunes...Man, those get heavy and HOT...
    I finally found the Bose AE2 audio phones. I found that with any thing that has a wire to it, when you turn your head most of the time it pulls out of your ear and don't keep out ambient noise. With the bose, you can listen all day and you won't get too hot or their not heavy and you can turn your head freely. Yeah, you get what you pay for at about $140.00 but I go through a pair in about 3 yr. Not a bad investment. Any ipod, mp3 or ph. will work.

    Just remember, that's just my opinion from 16 yrs. of mowing.:)
  4. flatlander42

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    Well....How are these working for you? Are you happy with them?

  5. Greg78

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  6. Ridge89

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    AO Safety headphones with MP3 are really nice... use them daily
  7. elitelawnteam1

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    i've used those regular earplugs, hated them, always slipped out, I don't like the big bulky headphones, so I've resorted back to not using anything.
  8. 44DCNF

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    iphone and altec lansing stereo bluetooth.
  9. Poontamer

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    You know how you use or at least I use ear muff things that have a radio built in and 4gb of memory so its like a ipod radio and protects your ears from those loud sounds
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    I like to hear the motor roar since I installed a quieter muffler and the humming of the blades:)

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