Ear Protection with audio input for cd/mp3

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by green-pa, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. green-pa

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    I've wrote on this b4 but forgot where the thread was. My headphones work well to protect my hearing but it's very hard to get them to stay on a good station and most the time I'm listening to things I wouldn't normally and 3/4 of the time I don't care for what I'm hearing too much. I'm kinda picky on my sounds. Anyway. I have like over 1500 cd's so I'd really like to be able to hook a cd player or mp3 unit up. Can't do it with my am/fm unit. But I've heard about the kind u can plug one up to it. Any of u guys have the link to where I can order one? I've called around town and haven't found any place that carries them locally. So I'd like to order some. Sure would make the days go by more pleasantly listening to whatever I want vs what the radio wants me to hear lol...:dancing:
  2. SLR

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    This is my new best friend. 79$ from wally mart. What sold me on this particular player is it has a major bonus of having a "line in record" function..so now i can directly import my personally created trance music directly onto it from my keyboard,also has a voice recorder,But NO radio/clock/timer functions.But the line in thing is a big relief, now i do not need to go from 'keyboard>>computer>>burn 2 disk>>then to player.
    Now it's straight from keybrd to player!!
    It is a 2GB,and currently holding ALL my favorite songs from CD's.Currntly i still have 850MB still open for use,but i love the way i can listen to my home made 20minute dance music songs!!

    RCA 2GB MP3.jpg
  3. FiveOJoe

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  4. green-pa

    green-pa LawnSite Senior Member
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    Looks nice. I have a 1gb mp3 and a few cd players. I'm really looking for the headphones to plug on of these into though. My headphones are only am-fm. HOwever I've heard of a transmitter u can attatch so that your mp3 can be picked up by a station on your car radio. I wonder if this will work with headphone radios???
  5. paul vroom

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    Thanks SLR, gonna git me one o them
  6. Roger

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    Our local cable TV station offers air time to businesses or other interests in the community. A local medical doctor tapes a 30 minute show each month and it replays many times over the month. He has a guest from a local hospital to discuss a particular topic.

    Last month, his guest was a ear and throat specialist. Most time was devoted to the ear. They wandered through many points and came to the matter of piping sound to ear buds or other devices, while operating machinery. He focused primarily on those with lawn mowers. He repeated often, and with passion, NEVER, NEVER, and never try to listen to players while operating equipment. His experiences with patients caused him to strongly discourage anybody from such practices. He cited long term damage as a major problem, having to crank up the volume to hear the audio. Obviously, everybody has a choice. I am merely repeating the stern warning given by a medical doctor who sees patients every day with ear problems.

    Personally, I bought an MP3 player a couple of years ago, with intent of listening through buds, under my Stihl muffs. Despite having read many threads on LS about people doing it, I never felt good about the volume level needed to hear anything. After trying it a few times, I set it all aside and have never tried again.
  7. Exact Rototilling

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    I personally use SHURE E2G Sound Isolating Earphones that block out a considerable amount of noise themselves. These where developed for musicians years ago to protect what is left of their hearing during rock concerts etc. Many use them as hearing protection alone however I also use Aearo Peltor Bullseye Ultimate 10 that have a 29 db noise reduction rating. With this combo I can actually hear what I need to better than one would think. If you have to raise the volume to hear your music once you start up your equipment you need to block the noise. Even standard earbuds when used with Aearo Peltor Bullseye Ultimate 10 work very well. I rarely listen to music I listen mainly to spoken word content. Audio books, alternative radio show archives etc.

    Strangely enough hearing damage is not understood very well in our industrial society. Studies of rural primitive tribes in Africa have shown that 80 to 90 year old elders can hear better than the average 30 year old that lives in an industrial culture. I bet any money that if you run power equipment with out plugs or external protection you are loosing your hearing. Oddly enough people don't seem to care. :confused: You will become deaf over time if you don't protect your ears.

    I've personally experienced hearing damage mainly from gunfire :gunsfirin as a child. My dad apparently never thought that it was important to protect ones hearing. He thinks his hearing is great at 85 but the proof is in the volume level of his phone, TV and the constant what??? He gets very angry :realmad: when you tell him he needs to get his hearing checked.

    My hearing damage days are over - I wear plugs or my Peltor Bullseye Ultimate 10's when I:

    Rototill, mow, use a shop vac, house vac, ride a motorcycle, fly an airplane, drive on long trips in my Honda Civic.

    My ears are also my livelihood in my other business as an Audio Engineer. Unless something unforeseen happens to my hearing due to circumstances beyond my control I will have the hearing of an average 45 year old when I turn 90.
  8. mebergstran

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    After reading of them in another thread, I bought a pair of earbuds from trick audio.
    They block the equipment noise well and I've been very happy with them. I've listened both to spoken word recordings and to music from my ipod and I would recommend them for either.
  9. green-pa

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    heh, wasup! I'm a song writing musician also, so my hearing is vital. I've been using these $50 am/fm protection phones. They isolate the sound very well and the volume is at a safe level. However I would much prefer to listen to audio messages/music of my own choice. I'm going to check into this.
  10. gandk06

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    I use a set from Farm and Fleet. I think they are called AO Safety I3. They have an input for the mp3, cd.... They do a great job of killing the sound of the mower and sound great. They also have a build in radio. Cost was around $50 and worth every penny.

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