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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PR0 TURF, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. PR0 TURF

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    Does anyone use the earmuffs with the radio built in? Me & my guys have been talking about getting them for a while now but are reluctant because we fear with the radio going we will not be able to hear the "Beeping Signal" on our Walkers when the catchers become full? Anyone know if you can hear the beeping over the radio?? Has anyone used them at all...Opinions??
  2. nu83

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    I bought them last fall, today was the first day that I have mowed with them on. They seem to be very good at blocking low pitched sounds like a mower engine while letting higher pitches through. I dont know for sure if you could hear the beeping, my guess is you could.
  3. Turfer

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    I use the Peltors. Yes you can here the hopper full beeper on your Walker. I listen to mostly talk radio. You can not turn the volume up real high but you don't need to because they block out most of the noise. I use them all day every day. My Walker has a loud muffler and I have no problems hearing the beeper.
  4. Brickman

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    I know a lot of guys use them, but I for one will not allow emplyees to while they are running power equipment. Call me a stick in the mud or what ever you want. I have found that employees are distracted enough on a good day, that they don't need to be jamming to their favorite tunes while running my lawn equipment.
    As to the question possed, I don't know. I do know that a good pair of ear plugs will block out the Walker beep. But then I am fairly hard of hearing too.
  5. Garry

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    One finds themselves surprised at what you can hear even with protection of almost any kind on.

    Being a musician, my hearing is of great importance to me. I've always worn some kind of protection. From cigarette filters, to these great *headphones* I made from heavy duty muffs with a speaker system snaked through, I've been a huge wearer since the mid 70's.

    Try tuning a guitar to (as close a possible) A=440Hrtz...................after listening to the mighty roar all day.

    It's those little 2-strokes that really do you in......................Wing, ding, ding...........rrrrrrrrring...........ra-ra-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

    Remember, with a wacker in hand, you're what?.............2 feet from the engine (not much more)....................the power tree pruners are almost on top of you.

    It isn't that day you hear it.

    It isn't that week either.

    Nor that whole season.

    But, about the time you start calling this job your career, you've been doing it so long,............................you'll find yourself sitting in front of a loud television set.
  6. MuskTurfKing

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    I agree with Garry, it's prolonged exposure that screws your hearing up, my stepdad used to be a terminal manager and even owned his own trucking company, was in the trucking business for many years. It's that steady drone that does the long term damage. I have some Stihl headphones, but I hardly wear em. I need to be better about that.

  7. winterparker2b

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    Where can I get some of those, I've been casually lookin for some ear muffs with radio or more importantly, a jack so I can plug in a MP3 player for some time but havent found any. Does anyone make ones w/ radio and an imput jack so you have a choice? What about heat, do you get real hot in em?
    Thanks for any info or links!
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  8. jeffyr

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    I have the Elvex Relax FM---they are not built too well. They have come apart several times and the wires for the battery have come off. I have head that the Peltors are better and they are now cheaper. I have seen them for about $90 while the elvex are $125. I think AM Leonard has tem on their site..but can't say for sure. They are well worth the money since you can keep in contact with the outside world.

  9. They're cheaper online than a lot of stores & catalogs.

    We've been using Peltor's worktunes for a few days.
    We like them a lot. The mower sounds ungodly loud when you take them off. I guess it always was that loud.

    Turn the volume down to hear ambient sounds.
    Easy controls. Uses cheap AA batteries.

    They can get hot when shoveling stone. I just yank them off for a while, get to missing the radio and put them back on.

    BTW listening to the radio improves employee alertness.

  10. Shady Brook

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    Boy the price is right! I could not bring myself to pay 150 plus, but that is super, and am too is huge!!

    Any idea how good the reception is.... I mean does the jolting around loose your channel? Any idea how long they will last on a set of decent batteries?

    Boy I am excited now.


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