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    hey guys and gals (hopefully!). i found a guy selling this bobcat. i havent gone to see it yet. currently owned buy a school and seller claims was mainly used for moving mulch and topsoil. garage kept w 1500 hrs. was last used durung hur. sandy cleanup. seller tried to start this yr and wouldnt turn. had starter rebuilt and still no start/turn over. they are getting another machine from donations/volunteers so they want to sell. I'm really not in the market for a skid steer but id love to take advantage of the opportunity. I'm not sure the engine make it looks like a Wisconsin in the pictures. my guess is it something electrical. does anyone have any experience with this kind of machine and tell me more from the pictures. thanks. their asking 4000. anyway to check bucket hydro wo engine? what do you guys think is a fair $



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    Offer them 6 goats and 4 chickens. Those Wisconsin engines have a mind of their own.
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