Early trouble on Hustler X one.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ALC lawn care, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Financed a 2018 Hustler 5 months ago. First issue was on the first day, first yard. The oil sensor plug was cross threaded right at the first thread. Allowed oil to escape, almost blew it up..ran it bone dry. Dealer blamed that on Kawasaki. Seemed fine after topping off oil. But now its been in the shop for 3 weeks with a broke right transaxel. Only has 150 hrs. Mower is pampered and running on manicured yards. Warranty is up in 50 hrs. Guess im asking advice from the seasoned vets..is this thing on its way to lemon status? I mean is the left transaxel gonna go ..and probably wait till warranty is up when it does. Dealer offered to buy it back 2k less than total price and has made a descent deal on a Ferris 2100 i like. That machine has a 500 hr warranty and its comfort is unbelievable. The Xone i can drive over a quarter and could tell if it was on heads or tails. Horrible ride. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Its my first yr and i have 45 people depending on me. Thanks everyone
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    It's two different vendor supplied assemblies that have given you problems. Unfortunate, but it's up to your dealer to attempt to make it right, thru all available channels. That's a garbage warranty. This experience will show you how good, or bad, your local dealer is at supporting landscapers.
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    Call Hustler and tell them of your issues. Start a paper trail. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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