Earth and Turf Multispread 200

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by chevytrucks84, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. chevytrucks84

    chevytrucks84 LawnSite Member
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    I was wondering if anyone is using this machine for topdressing yards with garden compost. If so, What did you pay for the machine? Reliablity? Any other problems or commets. I am currently in talks with the nearest dealer which is 5 hours away from me so i want to get as much feedback on the machines before i even consider buying one. It looks like a great product from the pictures i am seeing but that doesn't mean anything
    Thank you in advance

  2. dave k

    dave k LawnSite Bronze Member
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    what is the web site so I can look them over?
  3. chevytrucks84

    chevytrucks84 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 147

    the website is and i am half-way considering the multispread 200 on the left hand side
  4. MADDOG22

    MADDOG22 LawnSite Member
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    the 200 looks like a good spreader. when you get prices please post em
  5. turfsolutions

    turfsolutions LawnSite Senior Member
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    There is a used topdresser for sale in the equipment market place in case you are interested.

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