Earthway Ev-n-spray S25 Ground Driven Sprayer

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    I am putting together a fert/squirt biz for the coming season. Was planning to use a battery-power backpack (like the Shur-flo) to do squirts for small resi's only. Until I saw this machine in Turf mag.

    Anyone have any more info on it? I believe it is new from Earthway. There are two things I like about it on first glance 1) The tank will hold almost 7 gals of liquid mix, which is far more than a Synergy type drop in will carry, and 2) it is a dedicated sprayer, unlike the Synergy drop in, which has that drive wheel which appears to me could slip if your spreader wheels get slick or muddy.

    The Earthway product interests me...I could gain some productivity with it without having to drop a load on a skid my first season.

  2. LushGreenLawn

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    One thing you need to look at is how many Sq. Ft. you are getting per tank, not ho many gallons. I get 16,000 sq. ft. out of my synergy, from two gallons.

    The earthway may only get 7,000 sq. ft. out of a seven gallon tank.

    If that were the case, you would have to refill much more often, and have to carry more liquid with you to refill the machine with. Just something to think about...
  3. robertsturf

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    You will also need to think about the weight. Isn't water 8# per gal. So that would be around 56# or so.
  4. RigglePLC

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    Weight is a factor. I don't have one, but I have heard they are hard to push. Water and spread together, plus pump--about a hundred lbs. Who is going to help you lift it onto the truck? Can you spread fertilizer at the same time? Is that 50 more pounds? Or do you need a separate spreader and second trip for the fert? The back pack sounds good to me.
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  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Your right on the application rate....I am going to get more info on that.
    Also, how do you get so many sq ft from two gallons of mix on the Synergy??
    Thats what worries me about the Synergy, it would have to be an ultra-fine mist to get that kind of app rate. I'm not keen on driftables....
  6. LushGreenLawn

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    It is a very fine spray, and you have to be careful about drift. It is a nice forceful spray, that helps.

    As riggle said, being able to spread fert at the same time is a plus. You woul;d not want to run liquid fert through the earthway. It would probrably clog the tips, and even if it didn't, there is a big chance of streaking.
  7. jspray

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    Hope you will look at our ProEdge PE-B all aluminum unit. Many golf courses here have used a push sprayer to edge around greens. It is ground driven originally by a squeeze pump--now by ground driven gear drive pump. It was and is hard to push because of providing energy for the pump operation by pushing.

    First we wanted an electrically driven pump so we could use a deep cycle gel battery to power it. We achieved this by use of a Shurflo pump and a battery that will spray all day long--calculated 8 hours straight. We then found a smart battery charger to charge it overnight and then cut itself off.

    The unit is a ZTR push sprayer that is highly maneuverable and easy to push. Even I can pick it up without water and set into a pick-up. With the light weight it is still built to a commercial level of frame strength. The booms are foldable and will allow it to easily fit into a pickup.

    The sprayer has a 80" spray width with (4) TTI1002VP low volume/low drift air induction tips. Each tip is on a separate valve. These tips are pre-orifice and reduce the spray liquid energy at that point--which reduces fines. The air induction puts air into the water molecule further greatly reducing fines. We call the turbo teejet tips "hurricane proof".

    Calibration for the sprayer is simple as the 8 gal poly tank will spray 1/2 acre or 22,000 sq.ft. on a tank--.36 gal per thousand or 16 gpa. This is at 2.5 mph--a normal walking speed--and 20 psi.

    We set out to build a first class sprayer, easy to push, lightweight and easy to calibrate. We did not intend to build a low end unit and I believe you will find it to be unique in the turf industry. We operate and use them daily in our application company--Proedge.

    Price: $1,995 Delivery special--free to east, southeast, and mid-west until March 1.

    Please see attached picture. Our web site: The steel unit shown on web site is now aluminum.

    Optional equip.: Foam marker $399, Edger curtain $159


  8. LushGreenLawn

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    $2000 for a push sprayer!? You guys are nuts. He would be better off with a used PG for that price.
  9. jspray

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    Thanks for the support. Our unit is selling well. A customer bought one recently and sprayed 25 lawns with it the next day. He said that paid for it.

    Good spraying to you,

    Bill J.
  10. LushGreenLawn

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    Sorry if I came off a little harsh, it was my initial reaction though.

    It just seems a little pricey to me. I don't doubt you can do 25 lawns with it, but I can do 25 lawns with my synergy that I spent $700 for including push spreader, and 30+ with my used PG that I spend under 2K for. I can spread granular fertilizer from both of those machines, and not have to spread it separately. I just don't see the advantage of buying something for so much money that can't spread fertilizer.

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