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Easiest customers to add?

J Hisch

LawnSite Bronze Member
Evansville IN
For those who offer maintenace and lawncare which customers do you feel are easiest to add and why? Lawncare or maintenance.?

This year I think we are going to stop calling on accounts for mowing(since everyone does) and just call them for lawncare applications, and then later let them know after securing the business that we offer maintenace also.

Trinity Lawn Care LLC

LawnSite Senior Member
I find that in my area that picking up mow jobs is the easiest way to go. I am located where most people do not have the time to mow. All adults in the house work, and most travel min. 45min to up to a couple of hours each way. We pick them up for maintainence and then sell them on our other services. Then again every area is different. You'll have to do what works best for you.


LawnSite Silver Member
residential Lawn Maintenance is the easiest to pick up


LawnSite Member
Brown Summit NC
residentials in mid range developments. those homes that people are older coming from big homes (down sizing) and the young ones are leaving Apartments. Because the older ones cant do it and can afford the help and the young ones are less willing to do it and cant spare the time.
my 2 cents


LawnSite Silver Member
the PITAs are easiest to add. :p