Easiest way to get names and addresses by street???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GarPA, Sep 6, 2002.

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    we lease this and it's outstanding. they also offer a cd' that will auto dial from your modem when you are ready to do telemarketing.
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    Ditto. Great tip for Anywho.com
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    Hey no problem. I started wondering where I had heard of anywho.com. I did a search and found it mentioned in a thread back in 2000. So I have passed the torch to you and in 2 years you can tell someone else and appear to have all the answers. It amazes me what you have to pay for these days. Water, tax rates(yes you quickbooks sleazebags) phone directories, etc.

  4. dave-man

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    Remember that if you use tax information you will get the owner, who may or may not be the resident.
  5. Nomoslowmow

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    Take the results of anywho.com with some skepticism! I just entered some streets that i know well and got results that reflected only about 1 out of 10 houses! This may be because of unlisted telephone numbers, etc. If you use anywho alone, you will miss many potential customers!

    It seems the more upscale folks have more unlisted numbers.

    The low tech way that I get addresses is to just drive down the street and either write them down (works best with a helper!) or dictate them into a mini tape recorder. Once you get home and enter them into the database of spreadsheet of your choice, you can build a valuable marketing resource that you can use year after year.

    Good Luck!

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    Our local paper has a tool in the real estate section for just that purpose. To see what I’m talking about follow the link below. Perhaps your local paper has the same thing.

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    Hey this thread is pretty good with the anywho.com info. Basically I was looking for the same thing, but I decided to go and buy a list. $75 for 1500 names all in my target area. Anywho is a really good free resource, but i just dont have the time to put all the names into a database, so I figured $75 a small price to pay as opposed to hours and hours trying to get all the addresses together.

    Just my thoughts on the topic

    Good luck
  8. bruces

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    Where did you buy the list?
  9. Lawn Wizard

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    Think Direct Marketing

    I went with them because they are somehow affiliated with the usps and I was able to dl the names of the internet in the proper format that the usps was looking for.
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    Lawn Wizard,

    I like the joke......

    this is a great thread,,,will be printing this one off and filing it under "direct marketing ideas directly from the lawn gods"

    "if i knew what i was doing, Id be doing it right now"
    Ken:blob3: :blob3:

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