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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Alex G, Feb 26, 2013.


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    No, I did a fence repair for a landscaper which is a good friend of mine, 2 sections that a ztr went through cost him $500.00 and that same day his employee was edging near a stone bed, stone flew out and hit the door That cost him $2000.00. That may be pocket change to some of us but not to everyone.
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    my point exactly. why would you drive your ztr through a fence? :laugh:
  3. bohiaa

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    you know. accidents happen. they just do.

    there is a field of study that's called risk managment.......
    what this means is. IF you know a weedeater spins counter clockwise. DONT point the discharge at a PERSON/Object that if a rock gets throwned. it would do damage. SIMPLE TURN AROUND......

    I dont wnat ot discourage you. but I feel like your custoemrs will start off with family and firends. and then it will be work of mouth.
    this will be OK. you will be JSUT FINE.......
    if someone wants to write you a check tell them to make it out to YOU...... BUT here's where it gets complicated.

    Not sure in your area. BUT here we have to collect sales tax.

    REMEMEBR. EVERYONE HAS GRASS. if they dont. then they know someone who does.
    The girl at the check out counter at the super markett. the guy at the gas station. the place where you get fuel. your family knows people. Simply ask them.

    NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER be afraid to ask for WORK....
    I have been hollered at for NOT WORKING AND BEING A BUM......

  4. weeze

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    you should never work on a lawn if people are outside in the yard to begin with. that way there is no risk of hurting anyone.
  5. bohiaa

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    YES... this is knowned as libiality..... Like on a car...

    BUT if you read carefully it will tell you this is PER incident.......

    And remember. if your doing something stupid. they will NOT cover you.

    IF My guys get on a ZTR. run it untill it's hot. then discover they need fuel. so they go to the truck and they spill it. and it causes a fire. and everythign burns up....

    WERE NOT COVERED. becasue this is stupidity.....

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    JasonLawnCare1- lol I wish I could say it was me but thats for a different thread. Alex needs to figure stuff out asap

    bohiaa- we have to collect sales tax here, but he must file for a "Sales & Use Tax Certificate"
  7. bohiaa

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    THERE YOU GO..... this is RISK managment....

    While this being true. sometimes you can help it.

    Like doing walmarts/fast food.

    WE use our best judgment. and work safe. But sometimes...

    Also I want to add. Talking about risk managment. WE WILL NOT TOUCH A DOLLAR GENERAL. OR ANY OTHER DOLLAR STORE. Simply becasue the type of people that go there are looking for someone to sue....
    again RISK managment.....
  8. bohiaa

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    YES, thanks for saying this...... you will have to file for this IF your going to do it legit......

    do you know ? Is it still 600.00 that he can make and NOT pay tax on it ?

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    that's the magic number, but it will be pretty hard to stay under that lol at say $35 per cut that's only 17 cuts he can make for one person.
  10. weeze

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    if you cut commercial lots never cut unless the store is closed. you don't want people there or cars around and so forth. most stores don't open up until 9-10am in the morning so go early or cut on a day they are closed if they aren't open 7 days a week.

    car lots are closed on sundays. i would never cut a car lot though. too many cars around that may get damaged. it's just not worth it unless the area you cut is far away from all of the cars. most of the time the cars are even parked in the grass by the road!!!

    no thanks

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