easily-sharpened cordless hedge-trimmer?


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I love my Kobalt el Cheapo (mostly for its five-year-replacement-warranty) hedge-trimmers after each time I get a free replacement...but that gets old, and the blades take some punishment from cutting clumps of guinea-grass down to their bases. I think I'm on my third trimmer now. Can't recall what happened to the first, another quit for no obvious reason. Current one started dragging and smelling like sweet melting plastic a couple of days ago, so it's not long for this world. I'd really rather not keep doing the Lowe's Shuffle anyway.

One major problem with this unit - and maybe all of them - is that they're not designed to be easily taken apart for sharpening. Youtube is full of videos of people demonstrating how they sharpen trimmers without disassembling, but they're all overlooking the simple fact that you can't correctly sharpen any blade without being able to get to both faces, eg like scissors or any type of shearing blades - or even a simple chisel. During sharpening, even without magnifying eyewear, you can see/feel a burr being raised on the side you're not currently filing/grinding/sanding, and without being able to remove that burr to expose a sharpened edge, I don't see much point in all that effort.

Determined, I took this trimmer apart to sharpen it, and it ended up being damned near a two-hour effort, all told. It worked, but that's too much time.

So who makes these in an easy-to-disassemble format that I can sharpen correctly when needed?