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    We bought this unit brand new 6 months ago. We have used it on 1 job and it works awesome but work has slowed down alot here and I don't wanna keep making payments on something I don't use. This is the 600 gallon model with the 23hp electric start engine, hose reel with extra hose, all the options. The price on it new 6 months ago was over $11,000. I also have a 1 acre kit that I bought that is a complete kit, enough material to hydroseed a full acre. I paid $900 for it. I also have ALOT of other materials( fertilizer, lime packs, hydrolizer, etc) that they give me when I bought the unit. I will sale the complete package for $8000. Here are a few pics of the unit
    Here is a link to their website with some more info:

    Unit is located in Rockingham, NC

    I can help with shipping if needed.

    edit - you can't post an email address at the site.
    thanks, Mike

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