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Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by JDMoore, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. JDMoore

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    I am looking for a simple but effective software program that handles everything from scheduling services to collecting money. I have used servicepro but they want me to upgrade to servsuite and it seems to be more complicated..any advice? This is for a lawn fertilization with tree care also.:usflag:
  2. www.rs-lawn.com

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    I use service assistant from realgreensystems.com . I have been using their software for about 9 years, The cost is between 4-5k up front for the software. You get 6 months worth of tech support for free... I would negotiate for 1 year tho. Then you pay around 100 a month for support (worth it). It is a decent priced investment that you will not be sorry that you invested. Its easy to use once you learn the software. My employees have tablets in the truck that automatically post to my laptop in real time. If you decide to go with them give me a shout (Ryan from RS Lawn Care) bc they do give $100 visa cards for referrals. lol. Good luck.
  3. JDMoore

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    Thanks for the info. I have been using Servicepro and they did an upgrade to Servsuite and it is so much different I am having a real hard time working with it. The upgrades are pretty good but it seems to me there is more work to be done then is necessary so I am hoping to find something this old dog can learn quickly...anyway thanks again:usflag:
  4. BreezeTO

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    Try Service Autopilot...it does everything you need

  5. elbow300

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    We have been using Gopher for several years, but are currently in transition to Service Autopilot. Gopher is simple and effective, and good for a one truck operation, or maybe a little more. The cost is a one time buy of between $100 and $300, depending on the version you need. The limitation with Gopher is that only one PC/laptop has the software, so one person is the "keeper of the realm" so to speak. If you have staff that need access to the info, they have to call or email the person with the computer. If you have a bookkeeper, he/she will probably have the computer and there is always something you need out of it.
    We are adopting Service Autopilot now. The cost goes up exponentially as it is a "membership" rather than software. It's all web based, and can be accessed with mobil devices. Seems to be able to handle functions such as exact job costing and estimate templates, but it is complicated, and you will need a real commitment to learn it and get it rolled out. I'm not 100% convinced they have the staff in place to handle everything they promise, but we will see...
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  6. MJH

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    Service Autopilot for sure the best option and not that expensive either. I was quite surprised at how low the cost was.

    Great video tutorials to help get you started and great customer care too. Probably a good idea to get between seasons as any new software scheduling that is worth having is going to take some time to learn.
  7. mhelpdesk

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    I'd love to show you our software. Over 10,000 businesses are using it to manage their jobs, scheduling, CRM, invoicing and mobile payments. We're top rated on capterra, software advice and Getapp.

    Let me know if we can jump on a call.
  8. Falcon50EX

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    I am a solo one truck and one computer guy. I do fert and would like a way to track and add customers with ease. Now i use excel and have to up date every page not fun. Would Gopher work just for tracking and record keeping of chemicals.
  9. grassmasterswilson

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    Right there with your Richard.

    I'm sure a lot of this software is wonderful but spending 1000s upfront and 100s per month is just too expensive for the little guy.

    I do mowing and apps. Being able to invoice, schedule, make field notes, etc would be great.

    Right now I'm working off a spreadsheet and billing through quick books.
  10. inzane

    inzane LawnSite Silver Member
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    I used gopher. It was ok. But limited to one computer wasnt convenient. I switched to service autopiilot earlier in the year and its been worth every penny to me so far. Very good for scheduling lawn apps.. cant wait to get chem app tracking. Lol.
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