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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by impactlandscaping, Jan 10, 2005.

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    Anyone service for them?I left an info packet w/ the store mgr. 2 weeks ago, and got a call from them today for a full service quote . The current LCO has let the property really go, and they understand it will take some $$ to get it back into shape. It would be a nice account to pick up considering we have 3 other new commercials in the same plaza(Wendy's, Panera Bread, and Taco Bell). I always like to hear a little about direct dealings with management and accounting issues when dealing with an unknown client. Their previous service was provided by an out of state company working for the corporate office. Also, everyone else we work for is good with 1M in insurance, but ENP requested it be raised to 2M, and 2M on the trucks as well. I'm waiting on my agent tomorrow to let me know the difference in premiums to see if I even want to go any further with them.Any input is appreciated..Thanks

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    Why the increase (double on business and trucks) for insurance? Proof of WC inusrance (if ya have employees on their site) is all they really need. 2M on your trucks is ridiculous unless they think you're planning on driving through the front of the place at 80 miles an hour during dinner time with a packed house...
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    We take care of a commercial location that requires us to have 2M also. We carry 1M on operations, completed projects, and vehicles. We contacted our Agent and he recommended a policy that is site specific to that commercial location for the additional 1M of coverage. Try this and see if you can do that where you are. I can't remember right off the top of my head what the actual increase from 1M to 2M for that specifec location is, but, it was definately cost effective to go that route verses upping everything to 2M.
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    Yeah, I briefly talked to my agent late today. He called it an " umbrella policy" to add an extra 1M to the policy. I will have to find out tomorrow if it is site specific coverage or not. WV is one of the highest rated insurance states in the USA. All the unlic. drivers / under age drivers / DUIs/ etc.., have driven our premiums through the roof.....or that's the excuse they use to justify it to us anyways.. :dizzy:

    Rod- I have never had anyone want more than 1M, even government jobs we have done for the Reserve units..I'll have more info tomorrow..

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