Eaten Alive

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Americal Vet, Aug 27, 2007.

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    We serviced one of my large contracts today and got started about 0700. After last weeks rain there was quite a bit of standing water and the mosquitos were out in force. We were swarmed. We had some Deep Woods Off and it would work for a while but due to the heat and sweat it would just run right off. Anyone have any suggestion as to what would be more effective and maybe stay on longer. Got to go back tomorrow and finish up.

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    put a "bounce" sheet under the back of your hat or eat garlic on everything for a few days.
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    Sawyer time release. Worked in the West Indies, when nothing else would cut it. When I first got there, I saw what looked like a fog or mist moving in... turned out to be mosquitos. The OFF crowd was driven into the water. Micro encapsulated DEET releases over time. Lasts along time, even with sweating and humidity, and much less irritating than other DEET products.
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    sulfer tablets

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