EBAY...be patient...it pays off!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by yardatwork, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. yardatwork

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    So...my TORO Z450 seats are falling apart and the frames were starting to crack from pushing off on the arm rests and seat back, padding is basically gone, springs have rusted and broke, springs and bolts poking the ol toosh, and the wood frame has rotted to nothing. One new seat...about $500 from TORO. These mowers are six years old and I will not drop $500 for a new seat...I have two mowers...$1000...nah. So, I've been watching eBay for the past six months and keep missing out on used or after market seats still selling for about $250-$300. Replacement aftermarket cushions are about $150. So, I kept looking and SCORE...a dealer had a listing for a BRAND NEW seat...$74.99. Someone had bought a new Z and upgraded to the G3 seats...and...he had two seats!!! I got both seats + shipping for $189.20!!! Received them yesterday and they are BRAND NEW and they are ORIGINAL TORO seats!!! I love eBay!

    DIXIECONTRACTING LawnSite Senior Member
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    Nice score see good things come to those who wait. ENJOY
  3. topsites

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    See now you don't have to work so hard.
  4. Alan0354

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    Some small hand held like Kawasaki is really cheap on ebay also. For the price, they can take the warranty and stuff it. It is not as if dealers are happy to give warranty service. If you buy larger quantity, you can afford to buy a spare one for the big price difference.
  5. cutbetterthanyou

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    Not being smart, but 6 years on a seat and its trash, toro no thanks. It should last longer than that. On my 94 exmark i just put a sweatshirt down b4 i sit,much cheaper.
  6. yardatwork

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    In Toro's defense...the mowers have 1500 hours on them and for five years they were used to maintain a HOA of 50 homes + another 35-40 commercial and residential clients. Maintaining that property alone pretty much beat the sh*t out of these mowers. The weather also beat the seats...rusted the metal springs to breaking point. Anyway...I'm pleased with my score!
  7. jiggz

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    great score brother!! Its absolutely amazing what you will grab with some patients and frequent viewing
  8. cutbetterthanyou

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    yeah i guess so i never really did the math 1500 hrs they are probally ready
  9. Dogbonz

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    I've found deals, when sellers mis spell items, or mis lable them, I got a copy of Window's 7 Pro 64 bit,, for $69 bucks,, it was listed as Win 7,,, it didn't show up under a "Windows 7" search,, it got little views, and I stole it. Be creative in your search's,

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