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  1. gtrubey

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    Hey I was just wondering if there is an Ebay for lawn mowers type thing, specifically designed for people looking for preowned mowers, where I can put the zip code in and everything. I'm starting up this summer and am looking for a good mower, for a descent price to try to keep my start up cost down. Thanks for the input.
  2. westwind

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    Type in commercial lawn mower on e-bay and it will guide you to "some" equipment. Personally i like to buy locally, even if it is used. JMO, but if you can get a good machine for a good price then go for it. ? is can you see and test the machine before you purchase. Good luck!
  3. Bubaloso

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    Also check out craiglist.org in your area
  4. All_Clear

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    Great place if you beat out all the morons spending near new prices for used junk.

    There are some hot deals but there's even more uneducated people bidding on it all... I'm always looking for a good deal but to pay premium price for used equipment is stupid. :hammerhead:

  5. Signature Landscaping1

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    check www.junktank.com theres always some good stuff on their, and its not junk

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