ebay mower ripoff

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by qualitylandscaping, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. qualitylandscaping

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  2. Turf Technologies

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    What shame, you can buy that brand new for 1500$ less.
  3. wriken

    wriken LawnSite Silver Member
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    I know there great mower's but not that good.
  4. Stevo3176

    Stevo3176 LawnSite Member
    from LI
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    It was sold so he jacked the price read the description.
  5. cantoo

    cantoo LawnSite Silver Member
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    Steve, it's worth whatever some idiot is willing to pay for it. I sell stuff all the time, when advertising it I never start out at the price I want. I always price stuff high just incase somebody who is desperate might be looking to buy. If you need the money and are desperate to sell then you are in a bad spot and have to price low. You can always go down but it's very difficult to go up.
  6. POBOY

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    I saw this in the paper I was thinking about calling him he wants 2000.00. But being that I bought a 61"yazoo/kees I don't have the extra money now. I have read so good things about them I need a smaller mower for some of my accounts. One other guy wants 2800.00 for a brand new one he won in a contest. But still no money.....
  7. fixer67

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    I know that to be the truth. I go to the flea market all the time, almost every weekend. There are 3 goods ones within 20 miles of here. The pricing in the last year or so has gone crazy. People wanting and getting more for a used warn out item than you can go to Wal-mart and get it brand new in the box for. People see it at the flea market and thank it is a good price because it is at the flea market. A few months back this man had a Skill Saw new in the box for $50. I just happened to be in on of my moods and I went to him and said, "Home Depot has that on sell for $34.95." He looks at me and says" Be quit, where do you thank that one came from?" and then pulls back a sheet on the truck and there is a dozen or so new in the box.

    I have some ocean front property on Mars if any one is interested and if you act now I will throw in the Brook-land Bridge at no extra cost.:alien:
  8. cantoo

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    Steve, and if the guy can't sell the saws he can always take them back to Walmart for a full refund. Talk about low overhead, now Walmart will be calling him a scrub. I was in Michigan today and saw some bicycles at Target that I know I could sell for more than the sticker price here on Ontario.

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