Ebay Walker mower scam

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bingham Brothers, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. Bingham Brothers

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    I can't believe I fell for this!! I have been looking for a good deal on a Walker mower all winter on e-bay and Craig's list. A couple weeks ago I thought I found one on ebay- I don't remember the details, but it was a great price on a great mower. I e-mailed the seller a question and he told me that he would sell the mower to me through e-bay as a buy it now- it wasn't listed that way. I received a three page e-mail that looked like it was from e-bay with all this official looking information. It was setup to wire the money and it even had information on refunds and what to do in case of scams. The seller said he lived in Texas, but was on business in Canada and he would have his friend ship the mower for him. Like a fool I wired the money and by the grace of God Western Union intercepted it and called me and I was able to get my money back. I was lucky- I knew better, but still fell for this! I have seen the same type scam on ebay several times over the last few weeks- right now there is one almost identical to the one I fell for. Never ever wire money- hope this helps someone.
  2. advantage landscapes

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    People who fall for that kind of deal probably shouldn't be giving advice.... haha
  3. Currier

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    I saw the one you are talking about (I think). 20 hp with power dump 176 hours only used two seasons buy it now for $2,600.00.
  4. shade tree landscaping

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    it was still on there yesturday, I emailed him a question about the mower and then I got the line that he was in Canada for business. Thats when the red flags started going up for me. Be aware, that this is still listed on ebay, or at least was yesturday!!!
  5. bigclawn

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    This same guy had a picture and word for word copy of one of my dealers, Walker offerings!!! a ghs EFI unit with only 104 hrs! He is very bold!!Puts it up right after a listing expires!
    If it's tooooo cheap and you can't talk with the owner personally-----run--don't walk!!
  6. DoetschOutdoor

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    I would have balked right away when he mentioned he was away on "business" and his friend would be handling it...was this an individual or what? Who put mower on ebay and then goes away? What kinda industry is he in where he sells a used mower and then disappears to Canada? Plus I'd never in a million years buy something as expensive and vulnerable as a mower without seeing it, testing it, etc. Common sense in 2008 should tell you that NOBODY sells good stuff for cheap- if its to good to be true, then its probably shady deal.
  7. Chilehead

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    Thanks for the info. I have never purchased anything on Ebay, and don't plan to. I have known too many people like yourself that have been ripped off by professional thieves. I have however found things on Ebay that I liked, and if the seller was local, I would contact him to see the item listed.
  8. greenbaylawns

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    Don't ever pay with western union on ebay. I think it even says not to do so some where. If your going to play the ebay game, have Paypal account thats the best way.
  9. Ooomwizard

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    Same A s s wipe is trying that crap on Craigslist too. Sometimes it's a "nearly new" Exmark or other brand. Another company has his mower, he is in Canada for emergency, wire the money, delivery is included... and so on.

    I spam that jerk with several FU emails and send his email address and email to IC3, FBI and SS.

    NEVER buy any big ticket item online unless you can get a hands on first. Guess greedy or trusting people still get ripped off by it.

    Mark in ATL
  10. meets1

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    I had the same deal but this was on a toro 455-d. 776 hours, buy now for $8900. This was about 2-3 months ago. Kept asking for pictures of hour meter etc. In the mean time I had ebay check the listing - funny this was the listing checked out as a past mower but was being offered for $18900 and it was sold. He sent me emails, ebay emails which were scams, etc. He had this listed for the entire 10 day auction and never did find out what happened to him, mower or wnat ebay does with this. Another example of wire money - mower was in ohio, he was on business in calif and hiw wife was in ny, therefore an in-law would handle all transactions.

    Gotta be careful.

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