ECHO’s Revolutionary BRD-280 Bed Redefiner Wins Dealer’s Choice Award

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    ECHO’s new BRD-280 Bed Redefiner was recently awarded the Dealers Choice Award – handheld category – recognizing innovation and new technology at the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, KY.

    Based on a hand held design, the revolutionary BRD-280 allows landscapers to perform routine flowerbed and garden edge maintenance without the “bulk” of wheeled machines or the time consuming, hard work associated with the use of shovels. It’s also significantly less expensive and easier to use than a wheeled unit.

    “Bed edges erode over time and need to be redefined,” explains Gary Lalla, ECHO Product Manager. “The BRD-280 cuts a crisp, beveled groove, leaving a professional manicured look.”

    The unique 6-fingered blade with carbide tips creates the crisp beveled groove and is powered by a 28.1cc Power Boost Vortex™ engine.

    An extra benefit is the high impact oversized nylon shield that keeps debris contained within the landscaper bed, eliminating cleanup.

    The BRD-280 will be available through ECHO dealers in time for spring season. To view the product in action and see usage tips, visit

    ECHO Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of professional-grade, high-performance hand-held outdoor power equipment for commercial and residential use. Developed to meet the reliability, durability and efficiency demands of commercial and residential customers in the arborist, industrial, landscaping and residential markets, ECHO products have led the industry with a proven standard of performance for more than 30 years. ECHO also markets chippers and chipper/shredders under the ECHO Bear Cat name. For more information, please visit the company’s web site at
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    I've been waiting to get one. Saw them in Lawn and Landscape Magazine and have talked to my dealer about them. Hopefully they will have them by end of March.
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    I too called my dealer on this new toy and am on the list to buy one. He told me they had a protype last summer to loan out and all the people trying it liked it. Cost will be around $600. If this thing works anywhere near as good as they say on refreshing existing bed edges, it will be a Godsend. I have said for years that the companies were missing the boat not producing this kind of machine since bed edge machines are overkill when all that is needed is a redefine. Cha-ching Cha-ching

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