Echo and Shindawa Partnership strenghtens.....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tallimeca, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. tallimeca

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    Some may already know that Echo has been building alot of Shindawa's chains saws for a while. Echo's Pas Paddle attachment is a Shindawa.

    Got word this week that they will be intergrating more and more of each other's products into each other's lines in the coming future.

    I'm guessing it has to do with Shindawa having issues with 2 cycle meeting epa numbers. Same reason Husky bought out Redmax.

    Should be interesting.
  2. f150intally

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    are you the same tallimeca that used to post on F150Online?
  3. tallimeca

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    Shindaiwa Forms Alliance With Echo Parent

    Shindaiwa Corp. (Shindaiwa) has entered into a business shareholding alliance with Kioritz Corp. (Kioritz), the parent company of Echo Inc. Shindaiwa and Kioritz are both publicly traded companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    In addition to initial mutual investments of approximately $2 million in each other?s common stock, the alliance will focus on working together to develop and implement future mutually beneficial product and operational programs.

    It?s too early to say where this alliance will go long-term,? said Chuck Kitazume, president and CEO of Kioritz. ?We do know there are opportunities for cooperation in product development, sourcing and manufacturing.?

    Partnership between the two companies is not new. Kioritz has been supplying chain saws to Shindaiwa for the Japanese market since 2001.

    While working jointly on various projects, Echo and Shindaiwa will maintain their unique identities in the marketplace and remain autonomous companies.
  4. Richard Martin

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    Yeah, I read that over at the dealer's forum.
  5. tallimeca

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    A guy came in with a relatively new Shindawa trimmer. I said holy crap.....

    It looked just like an echo except with a different air cleaner housing, d handle on the shaft, and throttle control, and the engine shields were purple.

    We put it next to the srm260s and it was it's twin!!! I haven't heard of anything like this going on as of yet but maybe it's already started.
  6. gunner27

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    My question is who benifits from this? What equipment are we running and undrer what colors? I put alot of time behind a T270 & T230 trimmers. Not to mention the older chainsawas - 488, and 757. I am not brand loyal, per say, as I have quite a few Echo an Stihl products, but this is gettig kind of silly. I would think service would come in to play someplace.............
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    The emissions part makes no sense.

    Echo is shipping units 'lean' to pass emissions as it is...

    I would have thought it was the other way around...
    Echo wanting that C4 technology that is compliant.

    In any event, what we are seeing here is merely a "thinning of the herd" I think.
    I don't like it worth a crap, but I think that is what is happening.

    I think this also forecasts the eminent demise of 2 stroke engines.
    I don't like that worth a crap either, but I think that is what is happening.
  8. lawnboy dan

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    unfort i think envy has hit the nail on the head. looks like doom for the 2 cycle.
  9. tallimeca

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    yes and no

    It works both ways. Guys like the 2 stroke because of reduced weight and the high quick reving rpms.

    Right now, I think every Echo and Redmax engine out there is compliant through 2008 emission standards, so they will build for at least a couple more seasons.

    The technology that echo uses and the strato charged technology from redmax, these engines are make so many fewer parts per million of pollution then they are even allowed. Many engines are now being fitted with catalyst mufflers too.

    With these two being in the game still, it makes sense why Husky purchased Redmax and why echo and shindawa would partner up.

    Shindawa will be able to offer 2 stroke for a while, and we may start seeing some of the first 4 stoke units offered by echo.

    As far as echo running lean out of the factory....who cares, as long as they are still building them. Your dealer should be running them and adjusting them as needed before you get your hands on them anyway. That is in the contract of being a dealer. The same trimmer is going to run completely different in Colorado as it is in Maryland due to obvious elevation differences.

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