Echo BackPack recall!!!!


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Echo has voluntarily issued a recall for its gas powered backpacks. Recalled models are PB-265L with serial numbers P093121 35519 through P093121 50152, and model PB-265L with serial numbers P078110 20732 through P078110 22309.. These backpacks are a fire hazard due to a damaged fuel line between the carb and the gas tank that was damaged during assembly. If there is another thread started my bad, I didnt see it.


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Ya I think so. The news said something about being bought between August and November at Home depot and Echo
Thanks I thought it was ok, but wanted to make sure I read it right.Because when I registered it, I signed up to get all the emails and didn't get one so I was going to be real mad if it was, but it doesn't look like it was.

Thanks again.:)


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Ya, no problem.. It would really suck to not know this and strap one on your back thinking it was all good. haha... The best place for a piece of equipment to burst in to flames is probably not on your back.
Yeah, that's why as soon as I saw this I got worried, but I guess I got lucky and got one of the good ones.