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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by honeydopm, Feb 28, 2009.

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    I was wanting to do this as well with my Echo PE-280 edger.. I figured it would work. Like a dummy, I sold my Brown last winter... Now I have a commercial account that requires the beds to be edged....

    Home Depot has the blade for 100 here where I live. Do you think you could take some pics of the actual cut for us or maybe a video?

    Another thing I was thinking about was taking that blade and attaching it to my walk behind edger... That would give it a little more power and stability....

    My only other concern is whether or not it makes a V cut....similar to the Brown...Note: the Brown Bed edger is a top notch tool, just to dam expensive...
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    really, i just got mine and i am very very diassappointed, i have a echo thats 7 years old thats quieter, lighter, and the power is not even comparable, only good thing is it burns less fuel, but imo who gives a sh t about that.
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    I just bought the pas 280 because its the same price as the stand alone unit. With the PAS you can interchange other attachments that are also NOT used all the time making it versatile. I used the bed redefiner today for the first time and I was very impressed. I made one pass down the driveway and it was clean as a whistle and ready for mulch.

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