Echo bed edger anyone used it?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CJCuttingEdge, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. CJCuttingEdge

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    Anyone used the echo flower bed redefiner/edger? thoughts and opinions please
  2. turbo5560

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    i have used it and loved it! the problem is for $600 it's a little pricing to only use it for that. I wish you could also put a trimmer or an edger attachment on it, but the dealer didn't recommend it. It's great for beds that you reshape every year, not for much more than that.
  3. seabee24

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    The bad. It can't do wet conditions or wet soils. It can't do super hard ground ( not that I know of any edger that can). , it only cuts 3 inches or so. It does better at moving old much than it does soil. It's not gods gift to edging. It spits rocks unless you add some rubber

    The good. It's cheap compared to the bigger brothers. It's semi fast compared to using a shovel. It cuts decent lines, it grinds up the debris nicely.

    Here's the bottom line, if your an edging fanatic and have to have your edges be 6 inches deep, than this machine is not for you. But if you do any of these;

    1. Have commercial accounts that has a spring edging, or a monthly/bi monthly bed egging ...this machine is good enough to do the job and satisfy your contract requirement in 95% of cases.

    2. Have bids for mulch jobs that have tight numbers, where working in an actual deep edging is just not economically feasible....this machine is quick enough and cheap enough to give an edge. I do charge extra for edging, but if I'm on a job that I can't..I pull this machine out and at least spend 5 mins and the property looks way way better. Which makes me look good

    3. Do repedative edging like every month or every 2 months.

    4. Have residential accounts that want clean edges but really are not going to care if they have a 3 inch edge or a 4 inch.

    5. Even if you need a 4-5 inch edge, it's good enough to start the job and makes shoveling that much quicker

    6. It's easy to stay on the same line. Too many other larger machines will wonder off course if you let them. The beds can become bigger over time. This machine will pretty much stay on the same line. can get really close to irritation heads.the brown machine, you would be guessing how close you are because of the large shield

    Bommon line. I saves time and money, it's worth it's cost. I don't know if you could charge much for it's usage because IMPO I like deep edges and if someone is paying me for "edging" as an extra service, then we give them deep edging..... But I have a number of situations as posted above that we do use it. It's not a bed shaper, it's not a brown machine...get over that fact and realize that it's a tool that is smaller cheeper and easy to's faster than the shovel
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  4. lawnkingforever

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    Very good review. :clapping:
  5. vanncann

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    Mine works great, but you better start working out before you use it. Does a good job for existing beds, but would not recommend for much more... Save the money!!!
  6. ALC-GregH

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    I made one out of a stick edger shaft. I use it with my PAS265. Slightly under powered but gets the job done.
  7. K/B

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    You can get different gearcases now to use it as either a trimmer or stick edger.
    #9994423000 trimmer attachment
    #9994423001 edger attachment
  8. John1219

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  9. Landscraper1

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    I think they are great for redifining beds. Before they came out I was signed up to be the first in my area to demo it. After the 1st day, I called the dealer and told him that it wasn't going back. Last year I purchased a 2nd one. I am not a big fan of Echo itself but, this is a unique product.
    Just make sure you have enough work to justify this purchase. Remember that all it does is re edge a bed, nothing else. By the way a new blade for it is $100.

    Good luck
  10. oldclawn

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    It may not be the greatest thing since sliced bread but it works very well when used for it's intended purposes in proper conditions. Now that we have used one for over a year I would not be without it--a good time saver and is very easy to use. I do not actually charge extra for redefining beds prior to mulching so this has helped me do this in a minimum amount of time and the clients bill shows "edging"--No Charge--thanks for the continued support and loyalty! Priceless!

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