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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grassboy, Mar 5, 2000.

  1. EDL

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    I doubt recalls would happen, echo made the throttle on the blower tube. I had the last year made which would be 2 or 3 yrs. ago, i have had no problem with the throttle or the unit itself
  2. cgreen

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    I have been doing this grass thing 13 years have ran every type of back pack . My oppinion is the stihl is the best . Ihave two. I do 850 double wide coach's a week 42 weeks a year . blowers are on second season they run run well. only thing rong with them is one fell off truck drug down road and trailor went overtop of it . It stihl run good did not get to badly hurt cracked gas tank slightly but all in all I am impresed with the power and doribility
  3. MowerUp

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    Hello. The most powerful blower on the market is the RedMax EB6200. It blows at 200 mph. I field tested the Robin & Husqvarna and talked with the dealer about the Echo. RedMax is taking the leading. Try it out before you buy anything else! The dealer I bought from also sells Stihl and they mechanic vowed that the Shihl didn't have as much power. I can literally blow a brick around on cement with this blower.<br>
  4. TurfMaster

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    If the Echo backpack blower is like the ones I have used, they are very powerful and don't seem to waste too much fuel. However, one fall back that we ran into is more of a desing flaw. Echo backpack blowers have the throttle lever in the wrong place. It sticks out from the backpack with not supporting bars or instrumentation to protect it. We had two Echo blowers and each of them had this handle break off. We could have welded each back on, but we just let them dangle by the throttle wire instead. Thought it would be a good warning when looking at any backback blower.
  5. Lazer

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    RedMaxs' are VERY powerful. But I think the new Shidiawa might be there, too.
  6. little green guy

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    I just bought a another red max eb6200 saturday. It's awsome !!!!!

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