Echo equipment is bad

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. BPS##

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    Why would you buy homeowner stuff when doing commercial work?

    My commercial echos get up and go to work every day without issue.
  2. Bassman

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    Agree, no more for me, I started using Echo a couple years ago thinking I'm saving money, I should have stayed with Shindaiwa, I've replaced all the Echo crap and now I can just focus on making coin without some small piece of equipment slowing me down.
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  3. Antiskell

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    I purchase all my echo gear through a private retailer. A small shop. I have had zero problems other than the occasional recoil starter cord breaking from normal wear and tear. My units generally start in one pull for pas and whackers and two for blowers. Dead cold starts on my pas units, no prime one easy yank and im good. So i have a disagreement here. My two cycle is $1.88 per quart havoline 2 cycle prOblems there either. I rip my guards off and run my line long.....echo has been good to me, grey and orange models. I dont adjust the carbs or mod my units at all. They get pushed hard......and run

    Now my agreement, i have 2 cs 400 chainsaws, both have a ton of hours on them, no issues, i also run two cs 341ts....again no issues. My dealer rarely gets stuff he sells in for repair. Yet for some reason the cs400s from the depot end up in for repair all the time. Him and i both swear there is a "b model" at the depot. Maybe thr tolerances are off.....his are 60 bucks more when bought new.....who know what the depot is paying. A homeowner i know used a few gallons of my two cycle mix in a depot echo trimmer and it killed the unit.

    Note: a shindawa hedge trimmers is the only unit i had that died and he couldnt get to run ever again. 30+ years of repair go. Replaced the whole unit, motor and all....that Sob wouldnt ever fire up again. It got so personal he sunk 300 bucks into it trying to prove he could make it run.
  4. Bassman

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    Hey, fair enough friend. An Echo line trimmer started having major problems in less than 1 year vs Shindaiwa trimmer that is as old as dirt still running strong except for clutch replacement. To each his own I guess.
  5. Jimslawncareservice

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    I still can't figure out how so many have problems with echos. I have only 1 piece of the gray echo left. And have 5 of new Orange. Starts first pull and never bogs or floods. I use cheap ethonal mixed gas and echo oil. I change air filters maybe once a year and never change any of the other filters. Never do anything but put string and gas in it.
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  6. Patriot Services

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    This sounds like the "Stihl sucks" thread. I switched a couple years ago back to Echo and love them. I have over 20 pieces and no major probs. Dealer support is awesome compared to my closest Stihl guy. Parts seem cheaper too. I still have a BR600 4mix I use at the house that starts first pull. I think some guys are just really hard on their gear.
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  7. Antiskell

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    A friend of mine is a store manager for a large electronics retailer......its a new england company....not best buy.

    I had beers at a local watering hole with him and a rep from a huge tv maker.....anyway, i was told straight from the horses mouth....the tv's we sell to walmart are different than the ones at say, Pc richard and sons. They save money innlittle metal fittings on the expensive models and plastic on the cheaper. The model numbers are the same with a different sku or have a space and the a letter. They save ten bucks and blow them in volume tomthe big box discount stores, i wonder if some of our gear guys do the same
  8. american dream

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    I have a echo a buddy brought me from a trash can that he found,it would not start.i dumped the gas out put in fresh an it is now what refer to as "The Screamer" it rocks!
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  9. JParisan

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    Echo switched to orange because it was bought by husqavarna
  10. ProStreetCamaro

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    This was last spring. Add another year to what I said in this video.


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