Echo ES-255 - slowly dying, and now won't start



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No, just take the starter off and see if you can move the fan with the pawl on it.

Did that... seems that there's no play.

If one or both of the bearings have to much vertically play in them,
the air gap would be off between the magnets and the coil. You might get a great spark one rotation,weak spark or no spark at all.

Shall I check the coil and flywheel ??

I found the "flywheel" in the schematic, but it doesn't show where it's located on the blower. I'm going to assume, opposite side of starter on crankshaft - and behind fan assembly.
Schematic for flywheel; (click here)
Schematic for fan; (click here)

... or does anyone have a better 'drawing' of the motor to show placement?


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Did that... seems that there's no play. Shall I check the coil and flywheel ??

No. My concern was what you had said about the starter freezing up, I've had a full size blower where the crank would move cockeyed up against the starter and stop it from recoiling, bad bearings, which made it hard to start because the air gap was changing.

As long as you have good spark all the time. I would do a compression test. 90 iffy, 100 good, 110 better. If the flooding problem was fixed with the carb rebuild.

Before you do the compression test, take a few drops of straight 2 cycle mix oil and put it in the cylinder and let it soak a few minutes. Using starting fluid would have like washed out any mix that was lubing the piston,ring and cylinder.


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Echo's not going to do a thing concerning the warranty other than maybe give you poor lip service, you can call Monday and see for yourself, about the only folks who can get anything out of these people are authorized service centers and even they tend to get the run-around.

Unless you are an experienced mechanic, I didn't have to read 1/3'rd of that wall of text before I knew where things were headed, and north was not it.
We all have them kind of days, but man, sometimes we just have to admit when something has us beat, you know?

So why not take it to a repair shop?
Make it one of those authorized service centers, so if it is a warranty item (which it still most likely won't cover) at least it stands the best chance but you being the second owner and having tried to fix it first... Anyhow, tell them to call you when they have an estimate on what it's going to take to fix it.
Then you can make a choice whether it's worth to fix, or buy another.

That's what I would do, f'n done fooling with it, let them have at it and either they can fix it or I buy a brand new one, and sure it's going to cost me but at least I win.

Oh and one more thing, if they DO end up fixing it, make SURE to test it extensively AT the shop the DAY you go to pick it up.
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Your recoil issue is due to the assist spring being worn out. need to replace it. Make sure you tighten the new one down tight, or it will happen again, Loose screw causes the spring to get kinked


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Repair Center has gotten back to me;

No start problem = flywheel came loose/stripped

They are going to repair it under warranty (if they can get Echo to confirm the registration and a small problem, before they submit the warranty claim).

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