Echo HC-150 Hedge Trimmer Problem

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gibbonsballer10, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. gibbonsballer10

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    I bought echo hc-150 hedge trimmer new, used for about 2 hours, then it sat over the winter. Now when it runs and you give it full throttle, it sorta bogs down and doesnt run like it should. Could someone please tell me what this could be. Thanks
  2. brodo374

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    fuel gone bad? did u put stabalizer in it since it sat for 6 months?...maybe exhaust needs to be cleaned out. you should have one year warranty for any serious problems
  3. Alan0354

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    Must be the gas. You left any gas in during storage? If so, you have any Stabil in? If not, most likely it's you gas.

    Since you can start it, dump the old stuff out. Get a can of SeaFoam. Mix 2 oz per gallon and run a tankful through. As long as you can start the engine and run it, I doubt you have to bring it in. Dealer don't cover stale gas everytime even under warranty.

    I don't think you have exhaust blocking because it's too new and only 2 hours. Do the SeaFoam, people swear by it.:waving:
  4. rjh4758

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    Had the same thing today with a Echo string trimmer it had gas in from last year. Even with Stabil it was stale. I just dumped it and put in fresh and it fired up and ran like a charm.
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  5. Alan0354

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    I think even with Stabil, I would not run the gas after few months old, the important thing is it would not gum up the carb with Stabil. I have a trimmer that I have gas with Stabil in for about 15 months. I dumped out the old gas, put in new one and started right up. Without the Stabil, I am pretty sure it would be a goner.

    Also it depend how old the gas when you first bought it. Just because it came out from the pump today don't mean it is today's fresh. Also it make a big difference if your tank is almost full or almost empty. If the tank is full, it will last longer than gas in tank that is almost empty.

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