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echo HC 150

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How good is an echo HC 150 gas hedge trimmer. I am looking into getting it?
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The Echo HC-150 is an excellent hedge clipper! Very lightweight and commercial duty. I have used the HC-1500/150's for a long time with great success!

If you do a ton of hedges buy the HCR-150 with the rotating handle....makes life a lot easier and it is only $50 more!

PS. Buy your hedge clipper from a local dealer and you will have better parts and service support in the long run!

You should buy the HC-150 from a local servicing dealer! You will pay the same price $249 for the non rotating handle and have the parts and service support that you need.

Same price, better service = no brainer!!...stay away from the box stores whenit comes to equipment!
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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