Echo HC-1500 Gas Pouring out of Carb.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by owwm, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Guys thanks for letting me be a part of this forum,and hope that my first post is in the right spot.For the last few yrs I have always taken my tools down and had them repaired and sometimes I would get them back and they would work.But due to the cost of repairs and the hit/mis working concept I have decited to purchase my own parts and make the repairs myself which is what lead me here.
    I have an echo hedger HC1500 series that will not start,and when I turn it 80 degrees or sideways gase runs out the carborators filter housing.Not alot but enought to where it won't run.I got it back out of the repair shop and trim about 10' of hedges then it died.I did replace the fuel lines and the rubber on the gas tank.When I would try to prime it the pumpup bulb would never get firm and gas would continue to pump back into the tank and alittle would pour out the filter area.I hope this makes sense cause my next guess is to replace the carborator or a rebuild kit.Looking for some direction----OWWM
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    Most likely cause is a worn or dirty needle, seat, or diaphragm on the metering side of the carb. These parts are usually part of a rebuild kit, but check to make sure as some kits are gaskets and diaphragms only. Check the cost of the kit against a new carb. Keep in mind that rebuilding the carb does not always work. There are some good videos on You Tube for specific brands of carbs but you will have to sort thru them.

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