Echo HC150 Hedge Trimmer Bogging Down

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Killavolt, May 11, 2019.

  1. Killavolt

    Killavolt LawnSite Member
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    I've had this hedge trimmer for a few years now, I bought it used at a pawn shop and it worked flawlessly when I bought it.
    It has seen minimal use from me over the last 2 years. If I recall it was working last year but also bogging down slightly when i give it throttle.

    The gas that's been in it is "TruFuel" so that should be ok in terms of sitting for a year...or so it says anyway.
    The blades move when I can get it revving higher than idle, but when I give it gas it just bogs down and doesn't want to come up to full speed. After a couple of minutes of running it will sort of half work, it still constantly bogs down when I give it gas and will not reach full throttle.

    I've sprayed the blades with blade cleaner/lubricant, and I've checked the muffler and spark arrestor and they're clean as a whistle/not clogged.

    Anyone have any other ideas of what can be done to get this thing running like new again?
  2. hort101

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    Check air filter?
    Dump gas put fresh gas in
    Check blade tightness
    Look for bent teethThumbs Up
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  3. BigFish

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    Did ya pull the muffler and check the cyl. exhaust port? It can get right clogged.
    Prolly the carb needs tweekin . Check on the side for a small hole. That would be the HS needle hidden behind a plastic plug. ( If it has one )
  4. OP

    Killavolt LawnSite Member
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    I gave it a cleaning with some seafoam and immediately upon spraying it into the carb it started running like new again.
    I ran quite a bit through it and got lots of smoke, so I'm just waiting for it to cool down right now to see how it starts from cold.

    I'm thinking it's maybe more to do with the gas in it than anything else, because it seems like the seafoam gave it a little boost. it runs fine now without seafoam being sprayed in it, but I did add a little bit to the gasoline so maybe it's adding something to the gas that's evaporated over time.

    I'll empty this tank when I confirm it's running fine when started from cold, and start with fresh gas.
  5. OP

    Killavolt LawnSite Member
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    after cooling down it doesn't start any easier, and still behaves mostly the same bogging down and such, though it does run just marginally better once it's warmed up.
    still not running properly though.
  6. Valk

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    Replace old fuel w/ fresh mixed fuel dosed w/ Seafoam.
    Seafoam is one of the only snake oil remedies I believe in = good stuff when used properly.
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  7. rippinryno

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    Like the guy said earlier. There is a small plastic plug under the primer bulb. Take a drill and drill the plug out. There is an adjustment screw behind it.
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  8. flintknapper

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    I believe I can help you with that. The 150 series Echo Hedge Trimmers are famous for carburetor 'bog'. You can thank the EPA for that and Echo being forced to tune their carbs so poorly to meet regulations.

    The ONLY adjustment (besides idle speed) on the carb (your unit) is the high speed adjustment. The high speed 'needle' is the devil to get to, but is 'probably' the answer to your problem.

    I have a HC-152 (nearly identical to your 150 and had the same problem. I bought mine new and it had that issue nearly right out of the box.

    Of course there are other reasons your trimmer might 'bog' (blades too tight, lubrication in gear box), but generally it's the carb.

    Most folks begin by putting a carb kit in it (to no avail) because the high speed needle needs to be removed, cleaned, reinstalled and adjusted.

    I'm pretty sure I took pics of the procedure when I did mine, so give me a little time to dig them up and I will explain how to do this.
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  9. BigFish

    BigFish LawnSite Fanatic
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    NOT !
    Use a very small sheet metal screw. Clamp it in the nose of a small (if ya got em ) pair of vise grips. Jes push in and twist, then pull the plastic plug straight out.
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  10. flintknapper

    flintknapper LawnSite Senior Member
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    Agree to 'try' that first, but much easier to drill it out. Just quit when you see 'plastic' stop coming out. 1/8" drill bit, low speed. Then use the screw method to pull the brass limiter cap out.

    Using the screw method for removing 'limiter caps' on small engine carbs is a tried and true method. I hardily endorse it. But this a 'plug' and its in there tighter than bark on a tree.

    But I do agree to try the least invasive method first.
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