Echo hc152 hedge trimmer only runs on half choke

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Bunton Guy, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Bunton Guy

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    Echo hc152 hedge trimmer:
    Only runs on half choke
    Fuel tank was cracked and leaking thought it was possibly sucking air. Replaced fuel tank no change

    Put brand new echo carb on still no better

    Thought maybe the carb gasket could have ripped when changing carb and replaced that as well still no change

    Once the hedge trimmer is up to normal operating temp it will run without choke on. That can take 4-5 minutes of running. Checked muffler and it is very clean. Exhaust ports are great and looking at piston skirt with muffler removed it has no blow by.

    What else can I check?
  2. BigFish

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    They usually ain't gonna run off choke 'till they be warmed up nohow. Yers seems to take a bit longer, dunno.
    Ya might have to tweek the H needle a bit. If it has one, it would be on the side located under a small plastic cup/plug. The new carbs are usually set pretty lean. Fuel filter/lines OK ? Did ya change and gap plug? Did ya check the insulator block fer cracks/warpage.? Ins. mtg gasket OK ?
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  3. OP
    Bunton Guy

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    Fuel lines are brand new with new I can't remember the fuel filter I will have to check that again.

    Didn't know you could change any settings with needles on newer carbs? I thought all new 2-cycle was set from the factory and that's it? I will have to check into this!

    Changed plug with new one but never checked gap....any idea what it should be?
  4. Walker56

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    Gap is .026 in/.65mm

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