Echo HCA-266 extended hedge trimmer for pruning apple trees?

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by frankn88, Nov 21, 2013.

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    Hi, I've got a small fruit orchard and have a few hundred trellised apple trees (among other things). They need to be trimmed every year to be flat against the trellis and flat on top - like a sheet of paper. They're about 8' to the top of the trellis. Normal pruning method is with some big loppers - very time consuming. Most of the stuff I'm pruning is about the diameter of your fingers, from pinkie to thumb.
    So the question is, would an HCA-266 work for this, and would it hold up? Or would I be dulling the blades every hour because I'm going through stuff that is probably closer to it's maximum thickness than evergreen fronds? How hard is it to sharpen the blades on these? Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated, thanks! (I thought about putting this in the tree trimming forum, but figure you guys have more experience with these hedgers). :)
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    Your trees will be prone to infections and non flush pruning since its a hedge trimmer it will tear rather than cut and will leave your sticks torn and looking like crap... The blades are very easy to sharpen though. A flat file or like a makita grinder. Just look up a youtube. My suggestion is look into silky lopper and pruning saws. Pruning saws are insanely sharp and will make quick work of your twigs you need to cut with less than half a swipe much faster than lopping.

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