Echo Hedge Trimmers HC-150

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by slimart01, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. slimart01

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    I have a set of echo trimmers Model hc-150 that have recently become a pain in the a$$ to get started. They only crank when they are almost completely choked out and only run when they are full throttled and almost completely choked out. I'm pretty sure its a carb issue. There is no idle, low, high adjustments so I am wondering what I can do to fix my problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Is it me or are hedge trimmers the hardest power tool to keep functioning properly? After all they are the one tool that isn't used every day.
  2. olde_blue

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    Make sure that the spark arrestor screen on the muffler outlet is not clogged up with carbon. Pulling it out and cleaning it fixed similar symptoms on my HC-150. (You can also leave it off. . . :nono:, that works too.) Someone else had a problem with a echo hedge trimmer a while back; it turned out to be a different problem. See Best of luck!
  3. yungman

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    Change gas filter lately? If you have a clog filter, it's going to be hard for engine to get gas unless you WOT.

    The symtoms seem to be opposit to clog exhaust because, the symptoms usually opposite. But check your muffler anyway. If both are ok, then sounds like bad news.......carb.
  4. kayeproperties

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    The same thing always happened to mine and when I drained gas, made sure filter was clean and pulled the muffler and made sure port was clean. The port was always the culpret I think but i just did the rest to be sure.
  5. Jay Ray

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    I took an HC-150 under warranty to my dealer. They put a repair kit in the carb and it still wouldn't start. They put a new carb on and it has been running great for about two years. They said there must have been a defect in the carb right from the factory.
  6. ed2hess

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    That has been my experience on the carb that is used on this hedge trimmer and the tiller....kit just don't work on them. I can rebuild the carb on the trimmers but not these for some reason.
  7. slimart01

    slimart01 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the suggestions, earlier I swapped out mufflers from another unit i have that no longer work. I also changed the 3 hole "gasket" that the fuel lines go through into the gas tank(because i read on the troubleshooting page that the tank has to be sealed tight to keep enough pressure (1-2 psi) to push fuel into the carb. Neither action has done much improving. The trimimers will idle all day long on the ground but as soon as I start using them they bog down, so must be a carb problem.

    Thanks again!!
  8. Rcgm

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    from Indiana
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    Your problem is the breather tube coming out of the gas tank grommet.Pull that out and replace it I believe it has a white cap on it. Replace it and I bet you they will run like new. They will also bog down if that breather tube is missing and there is a empty hole in the gas tank rubber grommet.

  9. peak2p2000

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    take the muffler of and cleanout the exhaust port it is building up carbon and restricting the exhaust flow i see this often as we have lots of trimmers we use every day.
  10. rclopez1118

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    It may be the carb. but consider this, could also be leaking oil seals. this is common among Echo. Make sure the carb is clean, and cleaned properly.

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