Echo hEDGE TRIMMERS, WHAT is better ??

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by REALSLOW, Jun 10, 2006.


    REALSLOW LawnSite Senior Member
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    I use Echo hedge trimmers for light work and the heavy duty Marayuma's for major cleanups. The marayuma's are to heavy to use all the time and the Echos are poorly made and blow gearboxes. Who makes a light well made hedge trimmers? The Marayumas are by far the toughest I have used, you can use them to cut a tree down but just to heavy. THANKS!! ECHO quality has gone down, I have so much of it that it saves money on parts when I recycle but the products are not very good in my opinion.
  2. ed2hess

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    Which Echo hedge trimmers are you having trouble with...i.e. gear box going out? We got a straight boom that is probably 5 years old and one articulating one that is one year old and no problems. And what are you cutting with them?
  3. illday

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    Love my echo trimmers. I also like little wonder but I haven't tried their gas models yet.

    REALSLOW LawnSite Senior Member
    from FLORIDA
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    I use the 260 split boom and the 2400, they work great but are fragile. I have blown 3 gearboxes on them. You just think they are tough compared to the Marayuma's they are toy's!

    You can take the Marayumas go up to a 6ft hedge and just cut it in half and never fiddle with the blade nuts and bolts like you have to on the Ehco's.
  5. ThirdDay

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    According to my dealer, Echo has upgraded their gear boxes on the hedge clippers by adding a heavier "pinion"? gear and some extra support in the housing to make them last even longer. They have a new blade made out of better metal to hold on edge longer even after they are sharpened. I think that it is called the "Razor" blade??

    We have used Echo HC-150's older HC-1500's and the HCA-260 with no problems at all. They are all great, lightweight hedge clippers and have served us very well over the years.
  6. jameson

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    We switched from Echo hedge trimmers to Redmax around 5 years ago, for the very same reason you mentioned, gearbox failures!

    We use the Redmax HT 2300's (11.2lbs) and the HTZ2500 (12.1lbs) strato-charged. No gearbox malfunctions either.

    BTW - Ive always wished there was a Maruyama dealer closer by, they sound like quality products.
  7. rob7233

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    Hey Scott, you still trying to cut shrubs that are damn near trees in Gainesville!!?? Did you also blow the box on the 2400 I sent you? Use a small chain saw for those puppies ( cutting 40%+ off those 20 y/o ligustrums). I see the Maruyama is still holding up for you. The hedge trimmer attachment are tanks. The Echo is for maintenance not total renovation. From talking to you before I know you demand a lot from your equipment.

    REALSLOW LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hey Rob email me your ph # I lost it.

    You do not need a chain saw with the Marayuma. I do not use your 2400 like that I have learned my lesson about the Echo trimmers, they have been great I am just trying to phase out all my echo stuff. I found that some of the Redmax ,Shindiawa and Mar stuff is made way better. I like the 2400 because they are light but the Marayuma really make them look stupid in quality in the gearbox and blades.
  9. rob7233

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    I'll PM you with my info, maybe we can talk "real slow" LOL tomorrow. Got a brand new T270 sitting on my shelf too.
  10. scaper27

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    how much for T270

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