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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joed, Jun 30, 2001.

  1. joed

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    I need some help from anyone using the Echo mini-tiller. I have recently been offered one at a very good price. However, I am not sure if I can put the dethatcher used on the Mantis on to the Echo. The dealer I spoke too claims that the two units are identical and thus there should be no problem. However, he had to check with Echo first. Can anyone help?
  2. hobbes

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    Same Machine should fit.
    If you haven't bought or used the dethatcher attachment type in dethatcher in search function, then goto thread "Think this this dethatcher any good"
  3. Redmowers

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    I have a dethatcher attachment for my Mantis tiller. It works well for smaller areas,if I had a large area to do I would rent a bigger one .Unless I was doing it by the hour and had the extra time = more money !
  4. joed

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    Thanks once again for your help. I think I am going to go for it. I also want to let you know that I decided to purchase a new Honda trimmer as per our discussion last week. What a wonderful piece of equipment. It's very quiet, well-balanced and very fuel efficient (over double my 2 stroke Stihl). The weight was a bit of an issue at first. However, after a few days, I am fine with it. You should try it out.

    Finally, I was reading another one of your post regarding low balling to penetrate a market initially. In it you said that the residential market is booming in the G.T.A. That's interesting since I am having trouble finding more work. Even though my business is part time, I can't seem to find more clientele. I pass out business cards every spring but I usually get a small response. The ones I do get calls from are usually frightened by my prices which I don't think are too high. For example, a lady with a 7200 sq foot lawn want me to cut it for $25. I initially asked for $40 and then went down to $35. I think that's way too cheap but she still wouldn't budge. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Calvin

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    I'm from Toronto as well & would charge between $25 & $30, depending on trimming for a 7200 sq foot lawn but on a few conditions. First, no bagging even during spring growth, sideblow or mulch only. Second, the lot has to fit into your route with very minimal drive time. Toronto res. are about volume. If you take on this lady at $25 you will likely end up doing others on the street. Solo, I can knock off 7200 in 20 min. with a 36, 25 min with a 21. With helper, should be 12 to 15 min. YOU WILL end up doing the neighbors if you give a good price, therefore with no drive time you can do 3 7200 lots at $25 per per, that's $100 per hour. What most LCO'S don't understand who do huge lots is that to make money in small res. you have to do volume, with minimal drive time, and most Toronto homeowners arn't willing to pay $40 for 7200.

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