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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by fritowrdo, Sep 29, 2013.

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    Looking for something for mosquitos around my yard and my dealer is trying to sell me the Echo moquito yard shield attachment for my Echo PB-251 for at cost.

    Any one use it and like it?

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    I personally don't like it. Its a discontinued item, you can find a brand new kit on ebay with free shipping for less than 30bucks. I think all the dealers are trying to clear out the remaining stock. If your planning on just using it for your home for the occasional outdoor party/bbq then it may be an ok unit. I spray mosquitoes professionally & use the Stihl SR450 & just recently the new Stihl SR200, they both apply chemical at a consistent rate & can empty out 2.5-3.5 gallons in about 7min because the tank is pressurized. The Echo kit is gravity fed out of a 1/4 hose, it takes forever to empty the tank & is only good to a spray height of about 3ft because higher than that & you loose all flow. The chemical for it is expensive, has a strong odor, & hard to find, plus it only lasts for about a week if it doesn't rain.

    I would save the money & call a professional licensed pest control company or consider one of the other box store do it yourself spray products such as the garlic mosquito barrier & apply in a back pack pump sprayer. Hope that helps!

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