Echo MS 100 Backpack sprayer calibration for Drive herbicide??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by FERT-TEK, Apr 10, 2007.


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    I tried the search feature and it seams to be down right now.

    Does anyone know what the coverage per 1000 is for the Echo MS 1000 backpack sprayer or similar. I am getting ready to mix up a batch of drive in one and cannot find what its coverage is. I haven't used drive in a long time so if someone knows how much to add to a 4 gal backpack that would be appreciated. The label recommends .367oz/1000sf plus an .5 oz of adjuvant per 1000 sf to jog your memory.

    PS, I do plan on mapping out 1000 sq ft and spraying water to find out exactly what I am laying down but have a couple busy days ahead of me. Will post my findings when available.

    FERT-TEK LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Bump, it is going to be wet here in Chicago for the next couple days so I will have a difficult time calibrating the backpack due to the fact I cant see the coverage on the ground.

    Does anyone know what the coverage is for a back pack, or can offer what the correct dose of Drive might be?
  3. RigglePLC

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    For ease of measuring, one ounce of Drive covers 2720 sq ft.

    If you mix at one ounce per gallon then mix one ounce in 2.72 gallons.

    However. You are correct. Put one gallon in sprayer and spray it out. Then measure the area covered to determine the actual gallons applied per square foot. This depends on nozzle, walking speed and pressure. Usually a gallon covers at least 2000 sq ft. If so, you will usually have to mix at about 2.9 ounces per 4 gallons. Bigger craqbgrass needs a higher rate.

    Wetting agent is measured by volume of water not by square feet. Add wetting agent to match gallons used. Probably a little extra would not hurt--compared to Drive it is cheap.

    Unfortunately, Drive is very difficult to keep in suspension. It settles out quickly. A hand can that you can shake might be a better choice. The solution coming from the nozzle must be milky white--if it is clear--the Drive has settled to the bottom of the tank.
  4. ACutAboveNC

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    General rule for me is one gallon in a backpack will get me 1000 sqft. You should have a cap that came with the packaging for Drive. I believe it is 2 caps to the second line for 4 gallons of water. Make sure to constantly shake the backpack because it will settle like Riggle said.
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    .367oz of Drive per 1000'. Keep it simple. 1 gallon= 1000'. Spray to the point of wetness on the blade.

    Spraying Drive now? You guys have crabgrass out there?
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    It is simple to assume one gallon in a backpack covers 1000 sq feet exactly. That is not calibration--its guessing. It assumes that the rate is not affected by the nozzle, pressure, number of pumps per minute, and walking speed.

    A pressure regulator would be helpful to keep a constant pressure. An electric with built in pressure regulator would work better yet.

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    No actually we just got 4-6" of snow today in the burbs of Chicago but I am getting everything set up for the season which includes calabrating my backpacks. I do not plan on mixing the Drive until I need it. Soil temps are still in the 40's
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    WHat is drive?

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    It is a specialty herbicide that works excellent on postemergent crabgrass among other weeds.

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