Echo or Husky for homeowner with stubborn bank

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by billm67, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. billm67

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    I am just a home owners and in need of a new string strimmer. I use a trimmer alot harder than a normal homeowner as I have about 100 feet of bank along a creek. The creek is about 80 yards wide and I have about a bank that is about 12 feet wide that gets grown up very heavily with weeds. I trim it every 3-4 weeks and it's a 4 hour job. I am looking at a couple of trimmers at Home Depot and Lowes. The Home Depot models are the Echo srm225 and srm230 and the Lowes model is the Husky 223. I am attaching a picture so you can get and idea what kind of trimming I am talking about. The weeds are small and I have tried a brush cutter blade. The problem is the blade is too much for the weeds....a good string trimmer does a good job. Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



  2. USAProLawnCare

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    Thanks for posting. First off, be prepared to get a lot of mixed opinions on this site. With that kind of trimming, you will want to AT LEAST get the srm230, if not larger. But i say out of those two brands, go with Echo. Again, you will get other opinions too.
  3. avguy

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    I've got a 400' fence row that actually belongs to my neighbor that I cut 2-3 times a year. Thick thick thick weeds. I use a Sthil FS85 with the polycut head. There is no comparison between the string head & the polycut. The polycut blades do not work well up against anything solid like a sidewalk but they cut weeds like butter.
  4. billm67

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    I thought about using something like this. Husqvarna makes a .095 line that has titanium threads in it. It looks like tough stuff. I though about trying this too.
  5. TNGrassCutter

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    I have an echo 225 and 265 and I wouldn't bother trying to use the 225 on that. Spend a little extra for a 265 and it should last many years and have the power to take that stuff down.
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  6. larryinalabama

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    Kind of pricey but the Stihl Kombi would serve you well and youd have one motor for several pieces of equiptment.

    They offer a "sickle" bar attachment, Ive used my hedge trimmer attachment to cut tall grass like that quite abit.
  7. IS500Z

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    +1 I have the Kombi unit and the power scythe attachment. It will plow through anything you can get between the blades. FWIW I have the 110 power head but you might consider the 130.
  8. slowleak1

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    Echo, hands down. If you go on home depot's website you can get a bigger trimmer than what the store sells delivered to the store. I suggest putting it on your home depot card if it is out of your budget to get a larger one as it would be interest free for 6 months.

    If you cant swing the bigger one just get the 230. It will handle what you have pretty easily. Stay away from string with wire in it unless you will be cutting along something that tears up string quickly. Regular line cuts faster than the stuff with wire.
  9. billm67

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    I went to Home Depot and tried to get someone to answer a few questions. After having five people walk past me and tell me they were too busy....I left and found a nice little mom and pop shop that sold Stihl and Echo. I looked at all of them and asked all kinds of questions. I ended up buying a 230 and they filled it with gas and started it up and showed me all of the features before I left. They told me if I had any problems to bring it back and they would take care of it. I got it home and it does a great job. I ran it for about a half hour working on the weeds and it is ten times the machine that the old one was. I feel like I bought the right machine from the right place.
  10. avguy

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    Congrats on the new toy!

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